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We create innovative architecture that influences the buyer’s choice, increases the value of the property and makes the name of the developer recognizable

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From architecture to interiors and branding

We fully control all interconnected processes and communications with external contractors
Assistance in site selection and preliminary concepts

We will help you decide on the site that best suits the task, or we will consider options for the location of objects on the already selected site and we will create conceptual sketches by hand

If you have a project idea and several sites to choose from:
  • We will make functional diagrams of the general plan and calculate technical and economic indicators for each site, which will allow us to approach the choice in a more rational way .
If you have already selected a site:
  • We will consider different options for constructing buildings on the general plan, compare the technical and economic indicators and architectural attractiveness of each scheme.

+ For the selected scheme, we will make conceptual sketches by hand for all the main zones for a general understanding of the concept.

General plan and architecture

We will analyze the site and all your wishes, think about the target audience, the concept and philosophy of the project. Develop a master plan, planning solutions and volume of buildings, whilst making 3D visualizations, as well as comprehensive working documentation for builders for the entire complex. If necessary, we will provide supervision over the implementation of the project at the construction stage.

  • Collection of technical specifications and site analysis
  • Development of several functional zoning schemes for a site to choose from
  • Planning solutions and volume of buildings according to the chosen scheme
  • Photorealistic 3D visualizations of the entire complex
  • Selection of materials
  • Architectural drawings
  • Structural section
  • Interaction with external engineers and contractors
  • Author's supervision

We will consider the landscaping of the surrounding area

  • We will develop infrastructure facilities and small architectural forms (swimming pools, gazebos, canopies, playgrounds, etc.)
  • We will plan paths and green spaces (the selection of plants and landscape design is carried out by an external contractor)
  • We will consider the the electrical and lighting on the site
Interior Design

We will create an attractive and comfortable design of the interior space in the same style as the architecture of the facility

  • We will develop a concept and make photorealistic 3D visualizations
  • We will select natural materials and eco-friendly furniture
  • We will make all the necessary drawings for builders and contractors for custom-made furniture
  • We will monitor the implementation of the project within the framework of designer’s supervision
Branding and Marketing

We will develop the company image and all marketing materials

  • We will conduct a creative session with you, the architect and graphic designer
  • We will identify market trends and project opportunities
  • We will determine the target audience
  • We will formulate the USP, focuses and differences between your object and competitors
  • We will formulate proposals for architectural and design solutions that are typical for the target audience and will help distinguish the project from other competitors
  • We will create a design strategy in the form of moodboards and references
  • We will fully develop the branding of your project/company
You can order all services together or separately

We always offer modern, innovative, convenient living and implementable solutions

at the same time they
are in tune with customer tastes aesthetically
start from the location
help to attract investment at the design stage
even when their cost is higher than competitors’

We create residential and public spaces as a complete product, taking into consideration all aspects

When designing, we start from from the beauty and expressiveness of the external part of the architecture and immediately think about how the layout and volume of the room will be combined with the interior design and provide ease of use
For high-end real estate buyers who prioritize assessing projects based on aesthetics, these factors significantly influence their purchasing decision

We provide designer supervision for compliance of the construction with the architectural design without distance restrictions

In Moscow and Bali, an architect visits the site weekly and
  • Checks the construction's compliance with the architectural design
  • Advises builders
  • Resolves issues with the foreman when something has to be changed for technical reasons
  • Answers daily questions from builders and contractors via chat
In other countries where we do not have offices, designer supervision takes place remotely
The architect communicates once a week with specialists via Zoom and answers daily questions from builders and contractors via chat
We will create a preliminary concept for you in 1.5 months

We create an architectural and planning concept, which includes deciding on the general plan, layouts, mood board, volumetric model and quick visualizations for 1-2 key objects. For example, if we create an apart-hotel, then it will be one residential space plus a public building.

As a result, the customer can immediately start sales while we continue the detailed development of the project

Therefore you can start sales and evaluate the investment attractiveness of the project
without waiting for the final completion of the architectural solution


Experimenting with the shapes and geometry of buildings, the texture of facades, and style solutions, we always remember the balance of functionality and creativity
Standard townhouses by Geometrium Studio
131,5 m²
Residential area in NUANU city
8000 м² Bali
TechnoHouse Complex 1
2003 m² Canggu, Berawa, Bali
Private Jet Villa, Villa in the fuselage of an airplane
113,5 m² Uluwatu, Bali
Villa complex “Olympus”
15717 m² Uluwatu, Bali
Club apartment complex Area1
8225,5 m² Umalas, Bali
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Katerina Irtyugo Head of Architectural Direction

When developing an architectural project, we analyze your site: we go to the site, study the topography, surroundings, and possible infrastructure, if it exists. Using a drone, we identify the main viewpoints.

We have been working since 2013 and have implemented more than 900 projects, including residential and commercial properties. Architectural projects will be created by specialists who have experience in their field.

We will develop an architectural concept for your project, which includes: visual appearance of the object, graphic and text documents with architectural and construction solutions. After this stage, you will be able to start your first sale.

If you require consultation, I will reach out to you through your preferred method of contact.
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Thanks for the answers!

During the working day, a personal manager will contact
with you to discuss your task and its cost.

He will also agree with you on the date and time of the online consultation with the architect of the Geometrium studio.

Victoria Bulatnikova
Customer Relations Manager

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    Know how to make a property a point of attraction

    We create architectural images that harmoniously fit into the surrounding space and nature, so that the project stands out from its competitors

    We increase the cost per square meter through creative ideas

    These could be unusual architectural forms, elements of internal infrastructure that competitors do not have, or spectacular locations for photo shoots.
    But not at the expense of functionality and ease of use

    In the project of a multi-level complex, the land plot was visually enlarged using the roof of the villa on the level below

    When developing a complex of villas, which will have many technological solutions, we thought about how to show this from the outside: we used the blind ends of the villas on three sides of the complex to display media installations through a projector. When you approach the complex, you see how the lines and drawings move along the wall, passing the complex on the other side, you can see the continuation of the movement of these lines on the wall of another villa.

    When designing a villa in the fuselage of an airplane, we planned a large number of ‘Instagram zones’, for example, guests of the villa will be able to read a book in the turbine of the airplane, where we equipped a place to sit, and also lie in the jacuzzi located in the former pilot’s cabin, looking at the stars and the ocean from the windshield of the Boeing .

    In the villa complex, the appearance of the buildings was visually increased due to the frame, inside of which a palm tree can be planted or an installation can be placed - at the choice of each investor. A villa of 180 m² looks like 300 m²!

    In the club apartment complex, at the center of the public building there is a large atrium with plants - they can be admired from the reception area, from the yoga room, and also from the restaurant.

    We thoroughly study all technical drawings

    The developer will have detailed instructions for turning the project into reality and the opportunity to plan the implementation budget in advance
    View album of Geometrium drawings

    Expressive, thoughtful architectural images build the developer’s brand and work on its reputation

    With a project from Geometrium, you will significantly strengthen your position in the real estate market anywhere in the world, which will be the main driver of future sales
    Aleksey Ivanov

    Founder of Geometrium Studio
    You will receive a project in your portfolio, which will further provide you with:
    Awareness and increased demand
    Possibility to set a higher price
    Faster cash turnover
    Lower expense on marketing
    Higher loyalty of potential buyers and investors

    Contact us and tell us about your idea or task

    • We'll tell you how we can implement your idea and how we work with projects
    • We will guide you on the time frame and budget for the implementation of your project, and tell you about the financial costs at each stage of design.
    • We will share our experiences in project management and discuss the key points you need to know before starting the design stage
    • We will discuss further actions with you
    Katerina Irtyugo
    Head of Architectural Direction
    One of our managers will contact you and agree on the date and time of the online meeting

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      Stages of work

      Each stage has been refined over the years - we adhere strictly to all regulations

      terms of reference and territory analysis
      • We analyze the site: nearby infrastructure facilities, surroundings, entrances to the site, photo and video recording from a drone in order to identify possible views at different heights of the future complex.
      • We discuss the target audience and budget of the project.
      • We collect all the information and wishes on the facilities, for example, the number of villas, apartments or townhouses, the desired area of these buildings, number of floors, whether there will be a roof or a swimming pool, etc. We discuss the contents of furniture in all rooms, discuss all technical aspects: ventilation and air conditioning, security, smart home, etc.
      • We consider input from the customer and make our own selection of references, discussing the main direction of the concept.
      philosophy of the project and deciding on the general plan
      • We are developing several functional schemes for planting buildings on the general plan. We compare technical and economic indicators in each case, identifying the most optimal scheme in terms of aesthetics, ergonomics and the amount of residential and commercial space there is. We take into account fire safety, urban planning and land use regulations. If necessary, together with the customer, we engage with a specialist in obtaining a construction permit for consultation and timely adjustment of design solutions.
      • We hold a creative session, during which we work out the target audience in more detail, carefully consider how to set ourselves apart from competitors and articulate the project's philosophy and discuss the distinctive points that will make the object a point of attraction.
      • If desired, we involve a graphic designer in the work to develop branding. Work with him in conjunction so that all marketing materials, naming and visual communication tools are in line with architecture and interior design. This way you get a complete, complete image of the project.
      architectural and planning concept
      • We assemble a 3D model in ArchiCAD. We formulate the appearance of the building, its detailed content: layouts, levels, floors, mezzanines, taking into account the arrangement of furniture inside and ergonomics. In a special application you can “walk” through a 3D model of a building (in white without texture development) and feel the architecture from the inside.
      • We are developing a concept for landscaping the territory. For example, what small architectural forms, paths, canopies, etc. will be.
      • At the same stage, if necessary, we consult with a design engineer, landscape designer and other related specialists in order to immediately adjust design solutions.
      • After agreeing on the three-dimensional model and planning solutions, we proceed to the development of photorealistic visualizations.
      • Also, after agreeing on all planning decisions, if necessary, we will develop the interior.
      architectural solutions/constructive solutions
      • We develop all architectural drawings, specifications and statements of finishing materials and think through all the components and sections.
      • At this stage, a design engineer is involved in the work, as well as an engineer for water supply, sewerage, ventilation and air conditioning, electrical networks (external contractor) and other necessary related specialists. We collaborate with them closely, maintaining constant dialogue, “making friends” with our projects, in such a way that it is both beautiful and technically feasible.
      • After documenting all engineering systems, we proceed to interior drawings, aiming to swiftly provide comprehensive architectural and interior working documentation for our client to advance with project implementation.
      You can also purchase a ready-made townhouse project
      We have developed a project for a standard townhouse
      • For the most common requests for footage and functionality
      • In a modern style, but using traditional Balinese materials
      • Easily adaptable to areas of different sizes
      • Without complex structural elements, but with an impressive façade line
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      Only the best specialists are working for Geometrium

      Adelia Gilazetdinova Recruiter
      Natalia Kargopoltseva Project Manager
      Daria Burykina Purchaser
      Nina Makarenko Purchaser
      Kira Klebanova Designer
      Adelia Gilazetdinova Recruiter
      Natalia Kargopoltseva Project Manager
      Daria Burykina Purchaser
      Nina Makarenko Purchaser
      Kira Klebanova Designer
      Gelsu Mukhtyarova Head of Purchasing
      Inga Khomyakova Designer
      Serafima Demesheva Project Manager
      Denis Shatov Head of Construction Projects
      Marina Kurbanova Designer
      Victoria Bulatnikova Customer Relations Manager
      Julia Kharitonova Project Manager
      Olga Bozhyeva Head of Marketing Department
      We have one of the largest studios in Russia, which operates
      More than 60 designers

      and architects
      And other specialists in related fields. They sincerely
      passionate about their work, ready to accept any challenge and create a
      project that exceeds client expectations
      How we select the best

      Since 2013 Our team has developed more than 900 architectural
      and design projects

      Many of them were highly appreciated by the jury of international awards and competitions
      ADD Awards Winner in the Lobby Project category
      London International Creative Competition Official Selection
      Winner of the prestigious international real estate award European Property Awards 2020–2021
      Winner of the open international architectural competition "Archistone 2017"
      Best Project with a non-standard design solution according to Inmyroom

      In recent years, Geometrium has focused on the architectural projects of Fr. Bali

      We know everything about design and the construction of luxury real estate in Bali
      • Features of local legislation
      • The nuances of obtaining a construction permit
      • Differences in climate and landscape
      • Climate-suitable materials
      • Specifics of working with local contractors
      • And much more

      to us in convenient

      or call
      and we will answer any
      your questions

      Victoria Bulatnikova
      Customer Relations Manager
      Come to visit us at our office: in Moscow or Bali
      We will introduce you to our team, advise on all issues, pre-calculate your project and treat you to delicious coffee.
      Geometrium is ready to develop a recognizable and a stylish architectural project for a facility anywhere in the world
      The head office is located in Moscow
      ARTPLAY Design Center st. Nizhnyaya Syromyatnicheskaya, 10, bldg. 8, fl. 2, office 302 (opposite Poliform)
      View ARTPLAY plan
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