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100 m2


young family


contemporary minimalism

This project was created for a family consisting of husband, wife and daughter of school age. Besides, relatives with children are often visiting them. Additionally, a small dog of toy terrier breed will live in this apartment. The spouses are working a lot and often away on business.

At the questioning stage we found out a very interesting detail. They are fans of Kanye West. In their outfit prevail such colors as black, dark green, deep blue, brown and khaki. Some of these colors we reflected in the interior.


Functional requirements for this apartment

The main requirement of the clients was to create thought-out functional interior for a big family, where the space will be laconic to the maximum, clean and without odd things. Quotation ‘each item in the apartment has its place and functions. In case it has no functions, this item shouldn’t be in the apartment’. Clients emphasized that we should create comfortable zoning in the apartment: zones for adults should be separated from children’s zones and there should be zones for mutual time with each other.



In this project we did vast replanning compared to BTI plan, that’s why it was necessary for clients to order replanning project in peculiar organization.

The clients extremely wanted to place kitchen in the corridor (it doesn’t contradict BTI norms in compliance with particular conditions), for it to be near with the biggest room in the apartment, which they wanted to use for living room. This is what we actually did. Such placing of kitchen is called built-in kitchen, when it is moved and placed in non-residential or serving space.


Also, we implemented the requirement to broaden the bathroom to the maximum by adding the part of the corridor to it.
At the beginning clients considered separate walk-in closet placement in the apartment, but afterwards on the planning stage appeared new idea to do a separate room for simultaneous storing and leisure time of spouses. That’s how appeared the room with the title ‘fancy place’, where we placed wardrobes, sofa, small fridge for champagne and coffee machine.


This room flows into bedroom, it has no odd things, just bed and bedside cabinets and view on balcony.


Main finishing materials used for the apartment

Walls in the rooms and hall are prepared for further coating, in the bathroom we used wide-format of ceramic granite.

In the bay-window zone of the living room we placed podium where you can get by stairs. The whole bay-window zone visually is united by the same finishing with bright oak planks. It is used for the floor cover, walls and ceiling. Wooden elements are making this zone cozy.

Floor in all rooms are covered with the same bright oak parquet planks. Floor in the hall, kitchen, corridor and bathroom are made of dark gray ceramic granite imitating stone texture.

Jambs, doorways and window sills are covered with ceramic granite imitating slate.


Storage systems

In this project we allocated harmonically enough the needed amount of storage systems over the rooms. All closets in the apartment are made to order. We used space to maximum by using it from floor to ceiling.

In the hall there is a closet for outwear with niche in the middle where you can sit and place a bag. In the corridor we placed three-meter closet for storing household items.


In the ‘fancy place’ we placed two wardrobe closets for spouses. In the children’s room wardrobe closet is on purpose not so high so that for a child it will be convenient to use it. Additionally, in the working zone from right and left side of the table we placed two big wardrobes where you can store books, stationary, games, etc. In the bathroom we have used our common solution. We placed built-in closet over the toilet with installation for storing hygienic and household items and on the left of the toilet bowl we placed one more cabinet.


Illumination scenarios

In this project we used a lot of designer lamps. For the main common illumination in the living room, corridor and ‘fancy place’ we used turning ceiling surface-mounted luminaires with long frameworks. In the high-ceilinged apartments surface-mounted luminaires look actually better than built-in ones. Over the kitchen island we placed hanging rings of oval shape. Despite they perform function of additional source of light, they also create airy composition over the kitchen background from the design point of view.

In the bedroom clients refused to place common ceiling illumination in favor of subdued localized illumination over the bed-head. We placed decorative lighting in the ceiling niche, additionally over the bedside drawers there are hangers in the form of the rings.


In the children’s room over the sofa the wall is emphasized by an interesting composition of wall lamp consisting of white disks with decorative highlighting over them.


Color layout

As we’ve already mentioned above in the interior we used colors which are repeating the main pallet of clients’ outfit.  The main finishing colors are monochrome: white, graphitic, light and dark-grey. In each room on the back of strict laconic walls we placed color accents in upholstery: sofas of medium chrome green in the living room, blue sofa in the children’s room and likely to terra-cotta color of the sofa in the ‘fancy room’. The clients’ main requirement was to have all the rooms in one style including children’s room, that’s why we used white-grey palette for it as for the whole interior. But here despite blue sofa we used yellow accents in the form of pouf and fronts of the closet near the desk.


Furniture items

The distinctive feature of this interior is modular sofas. We have foreseen them to be exactly modular as they mobile as the clients wanted. They differ as in comparison with static ones you can demount, move, exchange places and connect to each other all modules. We have chosen modular sofas of Scandinavian brand Hay.


Designer bar stools Osso of Mattiazzi brand. End table near the sofa in ‘fancy place’ of BoConcept. Coffee table in the children’s room of Cosmorelax. Almost in the whole interior we used illumination from Centrsvet.

The most part of furniture in the apartment is made to order.


Décor and textile

As interior in the apartment is minimalistic we used very laconic and nonintrusive décor. Walls in the living room and bedroom are emphasized with big hard-edge paintings. Decorative pillows on the sofas are in the bellowed by clients ‘mushroom’ grade.

Clients refused to place black-out curtains in the apartment in favor of light curtain lace.



As we moved the kitchen to the corridor it will be necessary to lead communication lines from ascension pipe placed in the bathroom to the corridor. This could cause complexities. We plan to convey pipes through the wall but the final decision on this technical issue will be taken at the stage of architectural supervision realization.


Project implementation period

Implementation period of this designer project is typical – half a year. But since in this project there are a lot of made-to-order items, the deadlines could be extended.


Создатели проекта


Наталья Цициашвили

ведущий дизайнер


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