Krasnogorsk, Moscow Region


86,5 sq.m


young family



The client for this project is a young family. We got acquainted with them on Bali. They like to travel, go in for swimming, fitness, snowboarding and longboarding. They don’t have children yet, but they are planning to.

The guys wanted interior to be modern with some loft motives. Also there was a request to use more live plants. The apartment will be visited by friends, and sometimes they will stay overnight.


Planning concept

In this apartment planning, we did one generic space for kitchen-living room-dining room, which combined it visually with entrance room.

pr_art (1)

We aimed to separate common and individual areas so that individual ones were isolated and almost didn’t intersect with common. For example in bedroom there are own check-room and bathroom. The flat owners would be able to use them without going to common areas.

Kitchen, living room, dining room is combined in one room. It resulted in elongated space, zoned by floor materials and ceiling heights.

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Children’s room is also an individual area. It is isolated away from entrance and has another check-room near it. There are storage room and guest bathroom in the apartment.


Interior illumination is both functional and decorative. For energy saving LED bulbs are used in all lamps.

For the general lighting, it is used built-in LED lamps across the whole interior. Functional lightening is provided by sling over the dining-table and bar and by lightening of the counter under kitchen-cupboards. Also, there is functional lightening of the table in the bedroom in the form of slings near the bed.

As well there is decorative lightening in the interior. At the walls where there is relief, for example relief tile in the bathroom, we did alcove with local lighting. When the decorative surface is highlighted from above its relief becomes more expressive.

Along with that, decorative lightening zones the elongated space of living room – kitchen – dining room. The horizontal lines of the lightening divide the room into several parts.


For the floor finishing we used natural oak parquet board. This wood color is used in the whole interior and also in customized items. For the floor finishing we used concrete style tile of light-grey tone.

Both walls and the ceiling are colored in white. One wall is accentuated by brick laying. We took the same wall area for both living room and children’s room for brick laying, for it to look real, as if one wall in the interior is left brick in a shell condition.

In the children’s room the wall over bed-head is highlighted by yellow. In this room the whole atmosphere is set up by small details and infant elements. It is easily could be transformed into teenager’s room.



Besides among finishing materials we should mention medium density fiberboards placed over the bed-head. Wood veneer is fitted to flooring as well as veneer of all ordered furniture.

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In the entrance hall, we used charcoal-gray walls to emphasize this room and separate it from the overall area of living room-kitchen-dining room

There are minimum frills in the bathrooms finishing. Concrete style tile in both toilet facilities, is used for the floor and the walls. In the bathroom one wall is highlighted by white relief decorative tile. Relief is illuminated by LED light, that’s why it becomes more expressive.



Color layout

The interior in the general gamma is bright. It has color, texture accents along with repeating black elements which furnish interior with a rhythm. The colors in the whole interior repeat, hence they visually combine all areas. By means of that the interior seems to be bigger

The color combination scheme is specified by three initial materials, they are: read loft bricks, white walls of the contemporary design and warm wooden tone on the floor and in ordered items. Other colors became accent in different rooms. Blue was used in the bedroom and living room, while yellow and azure in the children’s room.


Decoration and textile

There are few decoration elements in the flat. Decoration function is provided by plants. Also in the living room, we used flat owner hobbies theme and hanged up a surf board beyond the sofa. Interior textile is sole-colored and doesn’t attract attention. The only exception is bright pillows in the living room and coverlet in the bedroom.



The flat is unsophisticated in its execution. The only complexities may occur in framing standard storage systems in the kitchen. It is important to follow dimensions distinctly during the repairs.