Floor space

36 m2

Project orderer

young woman

Interior style


The flat is 36 m2, situated in Filigrad residential estate. A client is a young woman, 31 years old. Initially the flat is designed for living and then, it possibly be lent for one person or for spouses.

The client request was to create bright space without vivid colors and elements and to combine natural materials in the interior (wood, marble). We were asked to minimize number of furniture in the flat and save space intimation.

All unnecessary items were planned to be taken away into the wardrobes, the storage systems should be of closed type, so that anything will irritate the eye.

Functionally we left one big area (kitchen – living room) and separated sleeping area. Also, we did separate bathroom with washroom and shower and as well, we left entrance hall. For finishing materials, we used herringboned massive planks, marble imitating porcelain tile, natural marble, veneer MDF and black and white flat wall paint.

These materials are repeated across all rooms for visual combining the whole space of the apartment.

Kitchen – dining room – living room:

We had a task to make an accent on the living room and visually hide the kitchen. Our client has used to eat at the bar counter and she likes to sit over it and read something on a laptop.

The kitchen we did in a white colors kind of built-in niche from wall to wall. In such a way kitchen is not perceived as a separate furniture item, and keeps space intimation. For bar counter, we used white marble and the same as on the floor planks.

Bar counter chairs are made from solid wood and ferrous metal. This arises sensation of the nature in the interior and visually is perceived as of high price. We will order them in Indonesia from Suar fine wood for adding more picturesque texture.

filigrad_viza (1)

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The accent in interior are lamps over the bar counter, they are made from absolutely different material, and, it should seem that they don’t match with anything, but in fact, they separate living room from the kitchen and vivify the interior, neglecting its monochrome colors.

In the window, there is fine Moscow view, that’s why we decided to close the windows minimally. The client wanted to take away curtains from the project, but we convinced her, that it will be functionally essential.

For this reason, in the project we used white Roman blinds, that are visually note less, but perfectly accomplish their function.

The living room sofa is the bullet point of this interior. You immediately pay attention to it. This was our client’s requirement to point out the living room, for not showing up the kitchen.

filigrad_viza (7)

In front of the sofa we placed a coffee-table with black metal legs and marble table top as on the bar counter. We added some greenery with the help of plants, this vivifies the interior.

From the living room zone, we enter sleeping zone. The client will keep the bedroom always with the open door-leaf. The door in this case is more decorative and slightly soundproof. The client will leave guests rarely, so there is no need for her to close the doors.

filigrad_viza (6)

In the sleeping zone, we placed matrass on a small podium and bed-head is made of the same material, which we used on the floor. The wall lamp is of the same collection as the floor-lamp in the living room. Thus, this rooms look like as one area. They are separated only by a light partition wall.

In the hall, we did niche for placing keys and bags, the doors to bathroom we did concealed and glassy, for looking in the full length in the mirror when leaving the flat.

filigrad_viza (5)

From another side in the hall there is full length closet.

We hided it visually into the wall, for it to be perceived as wall and doesn’t distract by the details. Hence, we saved space sense in the interior.

In the bathroom, we also placed washing zone, and built in washing machine and dryer into the closet. The closet finishing is veneer MDF. For finishing we took porcelain tile, that imitates marble, which we used in the living room.

We didn’t use natural stone, because slabs will consume the space of a small accommodation. Also, such marble won’t be viable option for flat that will be rent out in the future.

filigrad_viza (11)

The client gave up on bath in favor of shower booth. Functionally she needed to take shower and there was no need in bath.

In the bathroom, we marked opposite to washroom wall with the help of woodgrain ceramic granite. Hence, we eliminated the feeling of corridor in this narrow room.

Functionally a mirror is needed over the wash-basin. We didn’t do it in frame as a separate item, we did it for the whole niche’s size up to the ceiling. In such way, we increased the space to the right direction and the room looks less square now.

filigrad_viza (9)

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