Roof bunk apartment of 69 m2, was designed for a young family. Customers wanted a Scandinavian minimalism and eco-style. They like light wood, slate surface knitted ottomans, linen, white, vivid graphic quality accents. I wanted a warm and cozy apartment with no frills and exclusive at the same time that it did not look quite cheap.

We had a very difficult task. It was necessary to put in a small two-storey apartment hallway, bathroom and bathroom, kitchen, living room, bedroom, children’s room, hall for training with simulators, laundry room with a small walk-in closet.

The apartment has a very complex shape of the roof. It is not allowed to roam fancy designer. Soundproofing an apartment is very poor, so we had to provide another additional sound insulation in the walls, thereby narrowed a bit the whole space of the apartment. It was also necessary to meet the small budget that outlined the customer.

As a style and color, we decided with the customer at the laconic Scandinavian style with eco-themes.

The color of the walls – all white, only different textures: the bathroom – white tiles, in the bedroom and children’s – highlighted white wall with bricks dyeing, somewhere, we have identified a slate wall covering for chalk. Gender – neutral gray tiles under concrete and parquet oak boards. Somewhere added elements and graphically striking metallic lines as accents. The color scheme is repeated throughout the apartment, only different colors as accents and decor. Thus, we have the general impression of a single space.

Now go through the zones:


In the hallway there is a bench to sit down and change the shoes with shelves for shoes. We also developed a sketch of the stand for umbrellas with a shelf on top, where you can put keys. Hallway separated from the living area, is widely used in our projects, wooden slats, thus we have not narrowed down the hallway visually, but kept the feeling of a separate zone.

himki (3)

Also in the hall, we hung on wall hooks for clothes. Entrance to the laundry room, pantry area, we have made a mirror sliding door. You will be able to look in the full-length mirror before leaving the apartment.


In the kitchen everything concisely and simply. One wall and apron, we have identified a dark paint, imitating the board for chalk. It will be possible to write messages and recipes for dishes. The kitchen is an island – at the request of customers. Mistress wanted to prepare not back to the guests. The wall opposite the window as highlighted in a special paint, which can be attached to a collection of magnets, which gathered the hosts.

We will carry bar chairs with Indonesia. For seats – exotic wood Suar. Chairs will be beneficial to stand out in the interior and will set the eco-theme, so the interior is perceived more.

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Living-dining room:

The living room and dining area separates the staircase to the second floor. At the same time combines them with built-in wardrobe open and closed shelves. On open shelves will house a collection of airplanes and model trains, closed to store books, CDs, vinyl records and other things that are less common. And those wheels and plates that are heard most often – they are located on open shelves.

himki (4)

The dining table from an array group, slightly weathered. This creates the right atmosphere in the interior – cozy and warm shelter. As an accent color are the Wishbone chairs yellow. Above the dining table is the chandelier that illuminates the entire space – part of living room, kitchen, dining room.

himki (5)

Hall on the second floor and a children’s area:

In addition to the functions of the corridor, in the lobby of the second floor will also work out at the gym. In one corner we have arranged walk-in wardrobe, in order to be able to remove all the simulators.

himki (9) himki (8)

The young family don’t have children yet, but plan addition to the family in the near future. Therefore, our task was to provide for the children’s room in the lobby of the second floor. Children’s area is fenced off by glass partitions with a metal profile. They arranged a bed on a podium, a working area and an open wardrobe (on the rack).

himki (6)himki (7)


The bedroom mansard roof did not allow to roam in height, besides it was necessary to fit the storage system, high a makeup mirror that our customer already have .

himki (12)

Also, the task was to place the work area for my husband, so to separate it from the sleep area. It happens that the husband in the family works for the PC, while his wife sleeps. As the man in the family loves hard rock, motorcycles and all in this spirit, our task was to make the work area more brutal.

We separated the strips on the chest, these two zones. Desktop became cut down a tree with live edges, which gives a more brutal kind.

himki (13)

himki (11) himki (10)

The wall behind the headboard and the wall of the working area of the white bricks that stand out with one hand and gives texture brutality and, on the other hand, is not out of the general style apartments.


In the master bathroom, we have the same style and design, as well as throughout the interior. White walls are tiled with falsetto masonry, floor and part of the wall, which is the installation – the same tiles under concrete as the first etazhe.V combined with veneered tables and shelves interior looks warm and cozy.

himki (15)

himki (16)

In the shower has built a niche for storing shampoo and other bottles. mirror frame can also put the jars on the shelf.

himki (17)

The guest bathroom is situated on the ground floor. We have a tiled floor and part of the wall, which is the installation, the rest of the walls are painted in white, and one wall – blackboard paint, imitating the board for chalk. In that place, where the risers – the invisible hatch, located directly above the rack in the corner.

Shelving in the interior acts as stand for toilet paper, books, air fresheners and other toilet detail. Also in this room hung a small-sized sink with a round decorative mirror.

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