Customers of the design project – a young family, husband (32 years), my wife (30 years) and children (2 years). Approached us with a request to make a bright interior with simple shapes to create cozy minimalism, not overloaded with unnecessary details and stuff.


Functional requirements of customers:

It was necessary to place:

  • hallway, where you could just quickly change the shoes, and do not stay long;
  • closed dressing room-pantry hallway around to remove all clothing;
  • living room, where the family will spend most of their time;
  • functional kitchen-dining room, where you can fully prepare and receive visitors;
  • nursery for a girl who will be able in the future to become a teen;
  • comfortable bedroom for sleep and rest;
  • separate dressing area;
    bathroom with shower and with the bath;
  • balcony, where you can come to relax, see the city from the panoramic glazing and use it as a mini office.

Our designers have coped with the task. We place all you need to use every square meter.


Now we go through the detailed areas:


We have removed all unnecessary and made it a small room. Customers do not want to place outdoor clothes hangers – they prefer to broadcast clothes on hangers. Also, they do not need to sit down, to change the shoes. In fact, we made a part of the entrance hall living room, separated by the wall materials, floor and vertical strips. In this way, the reception and living room, hallway and perceived greater.

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The hall is only the most necessary. Lightweight and compact stool so you can sit down, and yet had the opportunity (for guests or for a child), a shelf for keys and other small things, and full-length mirror to look at yourself before you leave.

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У прихожей есть своя гардеробная, куда можно будет повесить одежду. Вход в нее осуществляется через скрытую дверь.

Living room:

The task was to create a comfortable living room, where they will spend time with your family, read a book, watch movies. This is the central public area of the apartment. the composition became the center of the fireplace and TV. This place is bearing column. This column also separates the living area and kitchen. At the same doors and openings between the kitchen and living areas is not, so the room at the same time perceived as a whole.

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Perhaps you’ve been paying attention to the basic colors that are repeated throughout. Turquoise – a focus that has defined the customer at the stage of the Terms of Reference. We added to the turquoise yellow for contrast enhancement. All other materials and colors – operate in the background and rhythm. White, gray, light wood – background. Black, red shade tree – rhythm.

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Kitchen-dining room:

You could say that the kitchen was designed and the entire exterior design of the apartment. Customers liked the turquoise kitchen and they wanted to do the same. Zakazchitsa loves to cook and wanted to create the most favorable conditions for this. We were able to optimally and efficiently use a lot of storage space and make the most of the working surface of natural slate.

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It was such a requirement for the dining area, so were able to sit 5 people, more guests, customers do not accept. We used the table from the slab of wood, chairs them are beloved customers color – turquoise.

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As a general lighting we used the built-in fixtures designed and functional suspensions over the table, which also provide general lighting.

Children’s room:

In the nursery parents wanted to arrange for the child’s place for active play, creativity, organize the storage of books and places where they can be read. We organized a mini-climbing wall, on which you can climb and, of course, secured his mates. Shelves for books and toys, we placed along the wall.

Also, in the corner there is a hidden closet for storing clothes and toys. Storage arranged so that it does not hurt to play as a child and did not create extra angles on separate pieces of furniture.

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A place for creativity, we organized on the opposite wall. The lower part of the wall – covering, in which you can write erase markers and easily. Also there is a small adjustable table from Ikea. The whole room is furnished in neutral tones and not distracting from the concept of the whole apartment. It is enough to change the decor and children in the future will become a teen room

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In the bedroom, the bed was only place you need. Customers want a cozy place with a focus on the headboard. We did a panel of MDF veneer oak, thus have focused on one wall. Under the wooden panels are soft panels of fabric as the head of the bed.

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Wishes of the customer was the presence of turquoise, which is selected accentual throughout the apartment. His we added textiles. As we used lighting pendant lights for mood lighting to create an intimate atmosphere. There are also functional lighting as overhead spots on the head of the bed – they are necessary for illumination while reading a book at bedtime. And as a general lighting used the built-in rotary fixtures.

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In the background, we took in the bathroom tiles with gray concrete texture. A free-standing bath in the background isolated relief tiles. Spot relief is highlighted at the top and become more expressive. Around the bath we did built storage rack shampoos, cosmetics, etc..

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The bathroom also has a shower. From the shower we have placed the storage rack built shampoos and gels in the end of the column with a built-in toilet, sink allocated frame of tiles of natural stone slate. Mirror cabinet in this niche portal creates the effect as if a mirror for the same room. Hanging pedestals we designed custom.

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Balcony turned nice place where you can sit on the couch and watch the panoramic view from the window with a cup of coffee. As well as work at a laptop. 

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