The design of this one-room apartment we did for Alex Rey design studio, the creative director who was head of the studio, the designer Alex Ray. Customer project – a young man (30 years), is interested in hunting and outdoor activities, she leads an active lifestyle, playing sports.

Our task – to create an apartment where you can relax, meet with friends, throw a party. The style – rave loft on 32 square meters. 32 m2 – it is not enough, but we were able to organize the space so that it was as comfortable as possible to live in this interior.

One of the main requirements was – a long bar as the dining room table and a place for parties (creation of a certain atmosphere of the bar). Bathroom with freestanding bath, small but full kitchen, living room, a bedroom, where the bed can be removed and the full use of the living room.

Planning solution:

Before us was an empty concrete box with an area of 32 m2. It was important to become attached to the wet zones. The right-hand part of the apartment (from the entrance) zoned for bathroom and kitchen, living room on the left post, in the middle – the dining room. In fact it turned 2 partitions:

  • separate kitchen and bathroom;
  • separates the two areas (kitchen and bathroom) on the common living-dining area.


Branch solution happened architectural element. L-shaped box highlights the dining area from above, and thus, also highlights one of the main elements of the interior – a table. Bathroom Zone we separated bys a glass partition. If necessary, close the curtains inside the glass.



Since this theme loft, we left the apartment the existing concrete ceiling. As a finishing brickwork took clinker bricks, especially the aged and partially colored (the effect of an old brick).

The tiles we used natural stone – slate. floor finishing – flooring herringbone oak, she goes to the living room wall to visually erase the border wall and floor.


Storage systems:

Main storage do we have left in the living room. We used standard cabinets from Ikea – Pax system. In the kitchen, a lot of storage. We also have standard sizes Ikea kitchen and created enough bulk storage cuisine, despite the small area.


As sinks in the bathroom we used Ikea kitchen cabinets and a white worktop from artificial stone with a monolithic sink. Under countertop hidden washing machine. Thus, the formed boxes with a depth of 60 cm, which can remove a large number of bathroom accessories. The bathroom also has shelving, which we filled a niche. On the shelves are folded towels and other bathroom accessories.



Lighting scenarios:

The lighting in the interior – functional, decorative and general. As a basic and functional lighting, we used the point overhead lights. Since we have not lowered the ceiling and left the existing concrete, wiring in the ceiling open.

Also, general and functional lighting fixtures perform the track on the ceiling of the living room and pendant lights in the loft above the dining table.

As we used decorative lighting LED strip above the suspended ceiling of plasterboard (over the dining table). Niche gives a diffused light and, if desired, you can change the color of the backlight. During get-togethers can put it in green or red color and interior atmosphere will be like in a night bar.


Color solution:

The interior trim materials complied with the contrast of dark materials – slate, brick – and light elements – white sanitary ware and furniture. Average tones are used in the tree. The entire interior is built on contrasts. There is a black color to metallic elements.

We focused on the main central element – on the table. As a countertop using exotic wood Suar. These slabs, we proposed to bring from Indonesia. In contrast Suara unusual texture that focuses on the table.

The whole interior is slightly reminiscent of a bar, at the same time due to the white walls, smooth modern curtains and white cabinets to the ceiling in the living room, the kitchen, the interior remains cozy home and ready for everyday life.



Cabinets and storage systems we have made from Ikea. The board took the company “Olympus Parquet”. Tiles take stock of our supplier – a natural stone, which is imported from Brazil. Wooden products of Indonesian rock will carry themselves with a factory on the island of Java.

Sofa chose Tanagra factory model “Morning on the Rhine.” Chairs – Cosmorelax, plumbing – Grohe. The chair has been a customer and we had to insert it into the interior. It is perfectly fit into the overall concept.



The decor and textiles:

Textiles in the interior is only used in curtains and on the couch. curtain fabric – single-colored gray. There is nothing special at first glance, but it is a textile sets the style and atmosphere of the interior home. The sofa velor pistachio color. It shades expensive and presentable interior. Also on the floor is the actual production of the customer, hunting trophy – the skin of the wolf.



Since the interior of the restricted area, a total of 32 m2, problems may arise. It should be very clearly observe the dimensions, in fact, every centimeter of play. Storage Ikea – the standard, and that they need to build closely monitor sizes. It is also necessary to strengthen the construction of the wall between the kitchen and the bathroom. It does not reach the ceiling to the top natural light in the bathroom. 

According to our forecast period of implementation of this interior 3-4 months.