Musy Jalil

The project apartments on Musa Jalil street made for a young and active girl. Client name is Maria and she was 26 years old at the moment she does not have children yet and family life concerns it does not relate to, so the apartment is fully made under her needs, but with the possibility in the future to convert an apartment under the surrender or transfer of parents.

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Maria loves to skateboard, skiing and rollerblading, her many things and one of the important tasks – that was to place a large amount of storage. Two main zones in the apartment – a walk-in closet and bathroom, where Mary spends a lot of time, a kitchen on the contrary, is intended to prepare breakfast in the morning only.

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Maria has two dogs, it was important to provide a place for them for food, toilets and special houses. The apartment also had to accommodate a bedroom and a living room with a working-through area. Ordered it wanted a separate make up area, but in the process, we realized that it can be combined with bathroom. On the balcony, Maria wanted to build a recreation area, where it is in the morning drinking coffee and sitting with a laptop.

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Planning solution:

The apartment is made in the type series, and it was important for all to realize the finished sample alterations. This greatly simplifies and reduces the cost of coordination, but complicates the task of us, because you can not move away from the project location of walls and openings are not one centimeter.

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Because of this would make a decision to do a dressing is not of drywall or block walls, and isolate it from the bedroom in furniture made of MDF boards, which are attached to the parquet floor and the ceiling. The bathroom we have increased due to the corridor, and the passage to the kitchen from the living room made.


Because small budget apartments in decoration used are simple and inexpensive materials. The floor in the bedroom and the living room is presented floorboard. In the bathroom, kitchen and hallway tiles KERAMA MARAZZI. On the walls in all the rooms except the bath, paintable wallpaper (they look like painted wall and want to on the walls did not go cracks). The bathroom tiles are also KERAMA MARAZZI, and that on the floor. The ceiling in all areas of plasterboard, plastered under painting.

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Storage systems:

In the hallway is a wardrobe for casual clothes and seasonal footwear.

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In the living room to the work area is roomy closet, wall-mounted for storage of books, working papers and printer combined with a table.

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The kitchen cabinets upper and lower integrated and embedded in the wall of the cabinet by two sides of the air duct.

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The bedroom has a separate dressing room, it should be kept basic things and shoes.

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The bathroom is located in the cosmetic storage drawers in the cabinet above the toilet is storage of household chemicals and other things. To the right of the washing machine drawers under the dirty laundry, divided into two compartments for sorting.

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The balcony is located under the seat storage rugs. Also throughout the apartment provides space for all kinds of figurines and decorations.


Flat lighting scenarios:

Scenario lighting in a simple apartment, but reflects the wishes of the client:

  • general – thin 2 cm built-in lights in the ceiling and overhead light fixtures (to lower the ceiling is not strong);
  • functional – lighting of the working surface in the kitchen suspensions over the table and bedside tables in the bedroom mirror lighting, floor lamp and table lamp;
  • decorative – lights in the niches on the ceiling.

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Color solution:

Apartment resolved in bright colors. The walls and ceiling are painted white, and thanks to the bright textiles, paintings and wooden elements of the interior becomes bright and not dull.

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Furniture in the apartment and registered design. Built-in cabinets – Ikea Pax system.

Kitchen, sofa, hanging shelves, closet and desk in the working area, bathroom furniture and MDF panels for walls wardrobe to order furniture manufacture.

Coffee table of the saw cut of the tree will be made on order from Indonesia. 

Designer furniture provided chairs Eames style table Tsunami chair-chair the working area Montreal 2, pouf Lora, Toledo bed, bedside tables Case.

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The decor and textiles:

Decor will pick up after repair and textiles will be made to order.

Design life has been tightened enough and lasted 8 months, although the deadline pure masterwork 2 month. Customer not in a hurry and took the time “to think” at every stage. There were also issues with the choice of the contractor for approval. Apartment renovation to begin in the near future. Approximate time for repair work on the project for 3-4 months. The indicative budget for the implementation of the 3 million. Rubles builders labor, materials, furniture and appliances at the end of 2016 prices.