Novoe Tushino


Russia, Moscow region, h. Putilkovo


71 m2


young man


contemporary minimalism

We designed this project for a young man, working in high technology sphere. The client is workaholic and can work round the clock staying in this process. He is fascinated with Japanese theme, he has a small collection of Samurai Katans and bonsai.

Functional requirements for this apartment

In this interior we should:

  • Divide apartment into personal and public zones;;
  • Avoid square rooms as the client likes when spaces are smoothly overflowing into each other;
  • Place separate laundry;
  • Refrain from using furniture with sharp corners.


By the client’s request we united balcony with overall space of the apartment. Additionally, as it was already mentioned above, we divided apartment into public and personal zones. Such division is good as with help of it, and under condition of qualitative work on planning, guests won’t be able incidentally enter client’s personal zones, for example bedroom. In such a manner all public zones are placed closer to entrance. In this interior design they are united kitchen – dining room – living room, hall, laundry room, and guests’ toilet facilities. The private zones (which are far from entrance) are represented by bedroom, dressing room, and bathroom.


Main finishing materials used for the apartment

By the example of one of our recent projects we used similar masculine set of colors and contrast of graphite black, white and wooden tones. We did dark walls almost in the whole apartment and used underfloor heating with ceramic granite finishing imitating marble for floor pavement.

We spread evenly wooden accents to all rooms. These are veneer panels ‘American nut’ in the hall, bathroom and on balcony, finishing with rails around the TV in the living room, also we used them for bedroom and cabinet by painting them in black color.

Additionally we used decorative plaster imitating concrete in the guests’ sanitary facilities and added showiness with the help of mirrors on the same level of the wall.


Storage systems

Upon the client’s request we have foreseen to the maximum of closed storage systems and to the minimum of open ones.

At the entrance we placed closed wardrobe, all storage systems at the kitchen including island also of closed type. At the living room zone there is an open shelf for sound bar, and below there is a drawer with built- in bio fireplace. Over the sofa we placed rack with combined open and closed storage.

Onward in the cabinet we placed closed wall drawer with open side rack for books, desk is also with drawers. Taking into consideration field of client’s work and his often usage of equipment we have built in telephone charger. Also we placed mobile drawer unit under the table.

We separated a part of the bedroom for the dressing-room, front side of it we did in the form of glass partition. For additional storage system near the bed we placed bed cabinets with drawers, also storage is foreseen in make-up table.


In the bedroom we placed hanging sink drawer, open niche for shampoos, rack for shampoos and shower gels in the shower room. In the guests’ sanitary facilities storage is in the form of sink drawer, in the closed wardrobe over the toilet bowl and also in the laundry room.

As the client likes to smoke shisha on the balcony we have foreseen there storage for it. It is chair pad with drawer, special storage system for shisha and wardrobe with in-out table for drawing and also fold-away table built into the floor for tea ceremonies.


Illumination scenarios

As usually there are three illumination scenarios in this interior. They are: common, functional and decorative highlighting.


In the kitchen zone we placed hangers over the island, decorative highlighting of the island and cooking zone. In the living room there is also decorative illumination over the drawer unit, built-in lamps on the ceiling and decorative illumination on the cabinetry.



In the bathroom there is highlighting of mobile drawer unit and niche, there are hanging lamps over the sink and built in lamps in the ceiling. In the guest’s sanitary facilities built-in lamp in the wall separates wall and mirror space, also there is wall luminaire over the sink.

In the cabinet built-in lamps are placed in the ceiling and on the wall between rails and highlighting under wall drawer. On the balcony near wardrobes we placed vertical decorative lamp on the wall and tracking system on the ceiling.


Color layout

Color layout of this apartment is typically masculine. It is represented with black and white tones, which are at stark contrast to each other. In the bedroom we tried to decrease the contrast as it is zone for the rest. And for not putting a strain on eyes as in other zones we used more similar to each other white and bright grey colors for bedroom finishing.


To dilute achromatic tones of the interior we used wooden color for accents in the form of rails and veneer panels. Additionally you can notice accent colors in the form of decorative pillows on the sofa in the living room zone.


Furniture items

Vast majority of furniture items is custom-made because of huge amount of out-of-the-box solutions.

One of the client’s requirements was large sofa in the living room on which two people can take a sit and rest. We have chosen for this goal leather sofa Natuzzi Herman. Armchair in the working zone is of Chairman, bed in the bedroom is Askona Sofia, bar stools ESF JY1076.


Decor and textile

In this design project there is minimum of décor and it is laconic enough. It is represented by green plants, for example, bonsai in the office. Also there are decorative pillows on the sofa and laconic paintings in the living room and hall. Remaining décor is in the form of finishing materials imitating concrete and marble and wooden accents in the whole interior.

As well standing out décor element, that is remarkable enough in this interior is illumination in the form of built-in lamps passing from ceiling to walls, which are dividing colors, finishing details and different surfaces.


Project implementation period

6-8 months due to a huge amount custom-made items.


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