70 m2


adult or young couple/single man



Tatlin Apartments — is a Residential development in Basmanny district of Moscow. Building of call-office in constructionism style of early XX century was re-thought and renovated for housing complex.

Now this building became incoming group of HC and over it there is an entire complex with a huge panoramic windows. It is divided into two blocks between which there is a space out of glass which creates the impression that house is levitating.


Architecture is a work of Architects of Invention — an international architect bureau which works in the field of contemporary architecture, urbanism and cultural analysis.

Our studio developed interior design projects for this Residential complex, which in the future will be implemented with finishing.

In this Residential complex there is full town with its own internal infrastructure: restaurants, cafes, huge sports area, outdoor cinema, park, co-working, place for rest and quite zones, where you can read. Notably it is town inside the building, interiors of which was implemented by our studio.

For whom these apartments are?

To create maximally comfortable solution for the owners it is important to define target audience correctly.
The target audience for these apartments is adult well-off couple, who got used to live and work in Moscow. They are already succeed, brought up children and live at their own pace, enjoy metropolis, appreciate everything contemporary and natural, have European set of mind. They demand high comfort from the interior.

Also in these apartments we considered young couple or single man, who pursue an active lifestyle, is successful entrepreneur or TOP manager of big company. Main objective is to create space where he can host the guests and rest.

Object’s tasks

In Tatlin Apartments there are apartments of both comfort and premium class and it was important to emphasize this with the help of expensive materials and bathroom fixtures.

Also we should keep in mind complex’s concept by supporting constructionism style.


One more important challenge is to be within budget. As it is RC which will be passed in exploitation with finishing, our task was to think through the finishing in such way, that the final price of the apartment won’t be beyond the clouds.

Color layout

Color layout we entitled ‘Dark glow’ – ‘shining of the night’. Apartments are done in distant neutral tones and dark shades, Nobile walnut, dark finishing of the kitchen, dark-grey marble. These are materials that are creating impression of expensive interior. There are dark-blue accents which are creating the atmosphere of the harmony and peace.

Kitchen – living room – dining room zone

Мы не делали никаких перегородок, а просто визуально открыли проход, чтобы из прихожей человек сразу попадал в общественную зону. Чтобы уравновесить уже имеющуюся в интерьере несущую колонну, мы сделали высокие шкафы из холодильника и систем хранения, чем заполнили угол между колонной и стеной.


We placed partition in front of closet to hide the mess on the cooking area. It is anticipated that the target audience of this apartment more often eats in restaurants rather than cooks that’s why in this zone the equipment could be stored. The partition will hide this corner from somebody’s eyes.


In the dining zone we used furniture of Italian premium brand Poliform. Also we organized TV-zone with the shelves of the same manufacturer and sofa of B&B Italy Company.


Over the sofa there is a big empty wall. To fill it, we used panels colored with matt beige paint of noble color. These panels will be made of gypsum panels or furniture construction.

Bedroom zone

Bed room zone we organized by taking away all odd things. Accent wall was emphasized with panels from veneered MDF of dark walnut color. Straight from the bedroom you can enter private dressing-room. In this color layout we used golden elements what will be trendy in the nearest future.


В душевой мы организовали небольшое функциональное пространство, где есть подвесная тумба с раковиной, встроенная в унитаз инсталляция с системами хранения. Над инсталляцией находятся встроенные системы хранения, которые помогают рационально задействовать площадь, при этом оставляя впечатление гармоничного, строгого интерьера без лишних деталей.

В качестве отделки используется белый мрамор и темный орех.

Storage systems

We did planning in such way that storage systems are in the separate rooms and didn’t overload public zones and space of the kitchen, living room, dining room and bedroom.

In the bedroom there is separate dressing-room with folding door where the personal items of the owners will be stored. In the hall there is also folding door which leads to a small separate dressing-room, where you can hang clothes for everyday wear or guest’s outwear.

In the corridor there are built-in storage systems for washing machine and laundry detergents. We on purpose organized such small place, separating it from dressing-rooms and did entrance from the corridor to isolate sound from bedroom.


Planning concept appeared logically as it is the most successful for this apartment. Panoramic windows are placed on one side, here we placed bedroom, kitchen, living and dining rooms. Planning is convenient as it has organized place for storage and visually space seems to be larger than it is.