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active couple /successful entrepreneur



Tatlin Apartments — is a Residential development in Basmanny district of Moscow. Building of call-office in constructionism style of early XX century was re-thought and renovated for housing complex.

Now this building became incoming group of HC and over it there is an entire complex with a huge panoramic windows. It is divided into two blocks between which there is a space out of glass which creates the impression that house is levitating.


Architecture is a work of Architects of Invention — an international architect bureau which works in the field of contemporary architecture, urbanism and cultural analysis.

Our studio developed interior design projects for this Residential complex, which in the future will be implemented with finishing.

In this Residential complex there is full town with its own internal infrastructure: restaurants, cafes, huge sports area, outdoor cinema, park, co-working, place for rest and quite zones, where you can read. Notably it is town inside the building, interiors of which was implemented by our studio.

For whom this apartments are?

While working on the object first of all we try to imagine future owner/owners of the apartment. These apartments are for active couple or successful entrepreneur.

Probably they will be bought not for permanent residence, but for additional real estate. The apartment will perfectly suit for those who like parties and host guests.


Particularly these interior is relevant for summer, as there are two big terraces.

Object’s tasks

The main task we set to ourselves was to think through the interior in such way that it will satisfy the future owner at a maximum. In Tatlin Apartments there are apartments of both comfort and premium class and it was important to emphasize this with the help of expensive materials and bathroom fixtures.

Also we should keep in mind complex’s concept by supporting constructionism style.


One more important challenge is to be within budget. As it is RC which will be passed in exploitation with finishing, our task was to think through the finishing in such way, that the final price of the apartment won’t be beyond the clouds.

Color layout

Color layout, which we used in the interior is called ‘late fall’. Colors remind the season when the leaves fall. In the interior we used natural materials: we tried to imitate natural red tone of the oak, which creates warmth. Here mainly we used bright finishing with contrast elements, precisely by this red tone fall atmosphere is created.

Fabrics for windows covering are used of beige tones. Resulted interior is easier compared to dark color layout of the whole complex.

Each of us remembers Malevich’s Square. By emphasizing the wall with a dark color we made it dominant and created of it echo of constructionism style, what corresponds to the overall complex’s style.


For finishing we used tile of light-grey tone of ceramic granite imitating concrete in combination with wood of natural oak color and black elements.

Kitchen – living room – dining room zone

This is the first zone, which the person enters. That’s why we can easily say that this planning is maximally successful for guests’ hosting. Here they won’t do a mistake and will immediately enter the public zone avoiding personal zones of the owners.

The kitchen is with columns on both sides to create effect of built-in kitchen. The whole storage system is a part of the wall where there is a niche for cooking. The cabinetry is small and has no big cooking zone as food preparation for our target audience is less relevant then restaurant visit.


Furniture in the dinning zone is of well-known Italian brand Poliform, chairs and table are made of white Italian marble.

For sofa we chose expensive fabric with vintage velour elements. Slightly rubbed fabrics visually makes interior more expensive and presentable.

Zone over TV is emphasized with dark color and all joinery is of gray glossy color with beige tone to create some kind of middle tone to unite all furniture elements.


Hall zone is emphasized with wooden ledgers over which there is black coating. To unite this element with kitchen we placed floor cover from ceramic granite a little bit further from the kitchen to living room and repeated this solution on the ceiling creating zones by highlighting.


In the hall there is folding door which leads to dressing-room, where the highlighted wardrobes, of the same glossy material that is used for cabinetry and other furniture, are placed. This door is on purpose mirror like for dweller to look at themselves in full-length. Also it reflects light from the window and fills the space with natural light.

Bedroom zone

Bed room zone we organized by taking away all odd things. Here the main accent is on the panels, we emphasized wall with the panels from MDF veneered with natural oak of the same color as parquet planks on the floor. Bedhead is of dark grey color to point up on monumental element in this room and make it visually bigger. That’s why we did horizontal bedhead as it adds space.


Wardrobe is custom-made with fronts of grey glossy material, the same as we used for the rest of the furniture.


In metal finishing we used black accents the same as for gaps between ledgers. This adds graphic to the interior and does it more dynamic and interesting.


In the bedroom we tried not to do big color accents in order not to attract attention to interior, but to the terrace view to inspire dwellers and be main in the interior.

Shower cabin

In the shower cabin we organized small space and used it at a functional maximum. We placed built-in mirror with highlight represented by built-in lamps from the top and the bottom. Following the last trends we used black bathroom fixtures. From one side it is trend, from another it supports black elements in the interior.

Tabletop over the sink is of the same white Italian marble as the table in the dining room. From the right side we placed storage system with washing machine in the column. Over the washing machine we placed closed storage systems for laundry detergents and open shelves for personal hygiene items.

Installation system is emphasized with black panels to support black accents of the whole interior. For the finishing we used the same ceramic granite, which we used in the corridor and hall. One wall in the shower cabin is emphasized with the tile Porcelanosa Oxford Natural. .

Storage systems

In this interior there are not so many storage systems. Here we organized small dressing-room at the entrance and wardrobe in the bedroom. Interior is foreseen not for permanent living but for parties, rest and leisure time what doesn’t require spacy storage systems.


Solution with such big balconies is controversial enough for the Moscow, but from another side, exactly terraces, where you can spend good time in the summer are the zest of the apartment.

Entrance for both terraces is organized from the public zones. To one terrace you can enter from the living room and to another one from the corridor on the way to the bedroom. Hence, on the one terrace you can stay with guests at the coffee table in the evening and smoke shisha, rest on the soft sofas and on another one you can organize summer picnic, dinner with friends with Moscow view.


Эта квартира может быть идеальным решением под сдачу в аренду элитной недвижимости.