The customer of the project – a young girl, a student of 22 years old, the future scientist – biologist. He likes to play the piano, which we entered in the interior as well as outdoor activities – riding on a skateboard.

The task that faced us, – make a stylish modern interior, bright, fresh and youth with humor. It was important to keep the interior space and free from all unnecessary, it does not go into minimalism.

It was necessary to provide the following functional areas:

  • entrance hall with storage system for clothing;
  • kitchen-dining room, which was supposed to be visually integrated with the living room, at the same time it should be possible to close this area and to make a separate;
  • living room;
  • bedroom (separate double bed);
  • bathroom with shower
  • summer balcony.

All this we had to organize on an area of 42 m2.


Planning solution:


All the walls of the apartment were not carriers, we have had an open plan space and operations. The restrictions were only norm SNIP. Increasing residential areas and areas with / could only be at the expense of the hall and corridor.

We have removed all the existing partitions, the column did, separating the living room and the kitchen, which I stop sliding doors, partitions. Increased bathroom by the corridor, also due to his increase the living room and bedroom area did. Kitchen has remained in the same place.

vernadskogo (7) vernadskogo (8)


The materials in the finishing of all the rooms we used are the same. The apartment is small and we have tried to use some materials to combine all space in one single unit. 

As a floor finish – ceramic granite tile and engineered timber of warm shades. As wall decoration – used white paint and tiles geometric pattern for emphasis. The bathroom tile was used to whitewashed walls that color does not differ from the rest of the walls of the apartment, but it stands out a new unusual texture. Also in the decoration of the walls we added molding and classical moldings, which gives the interior a bit of humor and a gentle atmosphere for girls.

Storage systems:

Storage systems are made in hidden apartments. Visually premises are exempt from the cabinets, which gives the interior a feeling of spaciousness and empty is. Wardrobe in the hall – is hidden in the wall and has a white facade, which in turn merges with the wall. Hallway seems empty, but actually has a functional full wardrobe. Refrigerator kitchen is also built into the wall, on the same principle.

vernadskogo (2)

vernadskogo (1)

Built in the living room just as well hidden in the wall. They create a niche between the piano. Due to the fact that we lowered ceiling above wardrobe has turned out a niche effect, while the piano as though embedded in the wall. If it were two separate closets, while the individual items on the wall would be three (two closets and piano) and the space would no longer seemed so clean and neat.

vernadskogo (6) vernadskogo (5)

In the same way, we have hidden cupboard with washing machine and storage for toiletries in the shower. Wardrobe is a continuation of the wall. The rooms seem straightforward and not cluttered, this feast has a lot of storage space.

vernadskogo (14)

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Flat lighting scenarios:

  • General lighting is represented by integrated spotlights in the kitchen, bathroom and hallway, chandelier – in the living room.
  • Functional lighting: lighting the working surface of the kitchen, hanging lamps above the bar, over the sink in the bathroom, floor lamp.
  • Decorative Lighting – garland in the bedroom area.

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Color solution:

Color solution apartment – warm wood on the floor, white background on the walls and the balance of cold pastel – blue, pink and bright yellow accents.

The task was to make a soft and quiet interior, with added humor and brightness. That color combination – we most definitely achieved this effect.

vernadskogo (11)

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The furnishings in the interior were chosen carefully, as this style of every object has a major role in creating an atmosphere.

As storage – we used Ikea PAX system (cabinets) and method (kitchen). This significantly save the customer money, the quality of design and Ikea is not inferior counterparts in many times more expensive. This is furniture that we do not pay attention, and that was the problem – to hide it.

All freestanding furniture, lamps – known designer items or repriki them. All design and atmosphere of the room is kept, in fact, these individual subjects, and the selection of items – one of the most important stages of the development of the interior.

vernadskogo (3)

The decor and textiles:

Decor, we also picked up very carefully as all the interior. We have tried to add a little humor and a playful atmosphere for zakazchitsa. She loves animals styling, so we used this theme in the decor. deer head made of plastic, wall stickers in the form of chanterelles, etc…


Textiles in the interior – solid color. Curtains are used only for the functionality. Therefore, they are white. Textiles on the couch, bed linen, cushions our palette of colors – blue and pink hues. As we picked up the accent prints for decorative pillows.

vernadskogo (4)


Let’s talk about the difficulties that may arise in the implementation of this project. The main difficulty and important component – comply with the dimensions, especially very thin must act with the built-in furniture. After all, the standard sizes of furniture, so errors in the construction of partition walls are fraught with the loss of money on custom cabinets. It is also not just a place – rack in the hallway, they would be difficult to fix to the floor, so that they are without any extra designs and visually looked well as visualization. But this problem can be solved. More problems arise should not.

Now we are completing work documentation and proceed with the project. Tentatively on the date of repair, we expect 4 months.

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