Customers of this project – a young family with a child. Our task was to create a bright interior with natural materials in the finishing. The interior should be concise, and every detail – and thought-out in the case. There is nothing superfluous in the interior should not only fresh and pure space, which is decorated with intelligence and functionality. In the terms of reference, we have determined that the minimal eco-style is the foundation of our project.

When planning the development of solutions, we shared an apartment in 2 parts:

  • are located in one part of your private area away from the entrance to the apartment: for children, a bedroom with dressing room, bathroom;
  • in other public areas, we are closer to the entrance of the apartment: entrance hall, guest bathroom, laundry room, pantry, kitchen-living-dining room.


Thus, the area is designed so that each family member has their own personal area where they can be alone. They are located away from the entrance, so guests could not get in without an invitation.

We have uncovered the most public area and pull out all the partitions to make visually larger space.


Style, color, materials:

Throughout the apartment we used the same materials in the finishing and upholstery to visually integrate all the space as a whole. To one apartment perceived space, therefore, it seemed longer.

For the flooring, we used engineering board bleached oak and granite tiles with a matte texture of concrete with a beige shade. Walls – painting, glossy panel in the bathroom – granite. As accents – black, fumed oak veneer slightly and the green color of plants.

The whole range of apartments neutral shades and hues found in nature. Eco-style, in the understanding of the customer, – spacious, bright interior with a moderate amount of green color in plants. And in this we minded.

Now go through the zones:

Hallway area:

In the hall we have arranged the essentials, freeing room on extra pieces of furniture. As soon as we come to the apartment – we see a vertical mirror full height to look before leaving. The mirror is integrated hanging cupboard, shallow and compact. It is necessary to store keys and other little things. Visually, it increases in two due to the reflection and created the impression that the cabinet is hovering in the air.

viz_zareche (24)

viz_zareche (25)

On the other hand, we have positioned the floor of the cabinet veneer MDF. It is a place where you can sit down and closed storage space for shoes and a storage compartment for bags.

For the pedestal on the wall, we placed stable moss – minimum effort and time in the courtship of this plant, with a living green that defines the atmosphere of the eco-interior.

Opposite the entrance is a guest bathroom and a wardrobe for storing clothing. Around the cabinet is also a full-length mirror, where you can see for yourself before you leave. Also, a mirror in the corner of a small room visually continues increasing its size visually.

From the entrance hall we enter the living room-kitchen-dining room. In general, we tried to create the effect that it is one single room with a hallway, separated only by the kitchen cabinet.

viz_zareche (26)

viz_zareche (1)

The kitchen-dining-living room:

Kitchen at the customer’s request, the most terse and functional. She received a spacious, all located in the vertical storage cabinets. The island – a dishwasher, oven, hob and place for cooking.

Opposite the island is a bar, so long as the hostess prepares – on the contrary could sit and family members to communicate. Also, the bar is convenient to drink coffee, eat breakfast quickly.

viz_zareche (2)

viz_zareche (3)

viz_zareche (4)

The dining room table is selected from the same wood veneer, as well as all custom-made furniture. Above the dining area – suspended spots of white color, visually they do not have the weight and look easy, with excellent light table.

Chairs from the same cloth upholstery, as well as a sofa. At the table, we have allocated glossy wall panels, as well as the facades of the kitchen, but different widths. Thus, we created a certain symmetry with the kitchen and creates the effect of a single undivided space with kitchen.

viz_zareche (5)

The living area is provided with a TV in the center of the composition and a sofa with a coffee table. The wall behind the TV, we have identified the same glossy panels, as well as in the kitchen and in the dining area. With these panels rhythm generated indoors. The wall and ceiling of the embedded audio system speakers.

Over coffee table we have placed the chandelier of the two spheres, it dilutes the rigor and geometric interior.

viz_zareche (6)

viz_zareche (7)

viz_zareche (8)


The objective of the corridor – pass 🙂 So we decided not to focus on the detail and rid it of unnecessary furniture – Corridor the most concise. The doors to all rooms hidden.

Notice how the light enters from the ceiling on the wall. We had to select a piece of the wall, as there was a part of the load-bearing wall. We have increased the pier and placed there a large switchboard with access to all power sources. This was an important requirement of the customer. The end of the cabinet we have done in the form of a niche and allowed to Wholesale Led ribbon from the ceiling.

viz_zareche (8)

viz_zareche (10)


The elongated corridor type room we visually divided into two parts to make it correct and harmonious.

At the entrance to one part – a working area and the entrance to the dressing room, the second – just sleeping area and an area for make up.

Also, to expand the corridor, we had to eat a little space of the room. I get a room slightly irregular shape, so the division into 2 parts corrects this position.

viz_zareche (13)

The rack that separates the sleeping area from the work, carries a storage + function does not get light from the screen to sleep zone. As it is often the case that the husband works late, when the wife goes to bed already.

viz_zareche (14)

Headboard we made of soft panels in the entire width of the zone of sleep. Suspended tables on the sides of the bed are made of the same oak veneer, as well as all registered furnished apartments. Hanging lamps of the same model as that of the table in the dining area.

Also as functional lighting, we used the point directed the spots. They need to read the book before going to bed.

viz_zareche (11)

Zone make-up we have done with the help of vanity table with a folding table top with mirror and its storage system for cosmetics. This table we designed specially for this project to order.

viz_zareche (12)

Children’s room:

The child will live young football lover and a fan of Messi. This nursery will soon turn into a teen, so the room is inherently neutral. It can be easy to change, replacing some parts, thus converted into a teen from a child’s room.

viz_zareche (15)

This area has all the necessary baby: Football theme, the bed with the second tier, a work desk with adjustable foot, wall bars with horizontal bar, wardrobes and TV with the prefix.

viz_zareche (16)

As the lighting we used the built-in lights and a chandelier suspended from Ikea. There are also functional lights in the form of a sconce on the wall.

Bathroom and guest bathroom:

In the bathroom we used the same color scheme, as well as throughout the apartment. Porcelain tiles with a matte texture of concrete with beige shade combined with a granite wood.

Color tree we picked the most similar to the one that registered the furniture, to visually unite the premises. The structure of the tiles in the bathroom reminds panels on the kitchen wall.

viz_zareche (19)

viz_zareche (18)

Full-length mirror increases the space in half and creates the effect of a floating stone. Closets in both rooms built to not to waste space on the installation of the system – we’ve added a built-in shelves from MDF veneer.

viz_zareche (20)

viz_zareche (21)


Balcony – a place where customers could sit and relax. Customers would like to add a little atmosphere to the interior of the loft on the balcony. To do this, we have added in the finishing clinker brick white. On the wall hung the same stable moss and planted a few plants. Owners of the apartment will be able to sit on chairs and drink coffee or tea on the balcony with panoramic windows and stunning views.

viz_zareche (23)

viz_zareche (22)

We hope you like our new design project.

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