эко дизайн кухня





96 m2


young family


contemporary minimalism

In this interior design will live a young family with two small children. Also they are permanently visited by 12 y.o. son. As the pair likes to host guests, we have foreseen the possibility of allocation up to 6 people simultaneously. The clients lead an active life, like snowboarding, roller-skating and other kinds of sport.

Functional requirements for this apartment

We had a task to unite two bought apartments in one, that’s why first of all our clients approved doorway in a load bearing partition between them.

As the family is big enough and likes to host guests, we decided to use one part of the apartment for public zones and another one for individual. In public zones we placed dinning room, living room, kitchen, dressing room and sanitary facilities for guests. In individual zone we placed bathroom, big children’s room, bedroom for parents and dressing room. 


Before starting with planning conception, clients have approved doorway in a load bearing partition between two apartments. One of them we used at a maximum for public zones and organized entrance through it. The second flat was used for individual zones, you can enter it only through doorway in a load bearing partition.

We organized a big space for the common zone of kitchen, living room, dining room and also we have foreseen dressing room in a public zone. Herewith, there is no space left for guests sanitary facilities, that’s why we placed in a part of individual zone. As we placed them near the doorway, the problems of entering the individual zone by guests won’t exist. For comfortable family communication during the breakfast preparation and also for fast eating we decided to place bar counter.


Planning is complex enough due to huge amount of requirements to the rooms, especially in the individual zones . The bedroom is small, we divided it into two zones. One zone is for sleeping, it is exactly where we placed bed, and the second zone is for makeup – as individual zone for a woman. Zone for the rest is represented by armchair.

Children’s room is full of functional zones. In the sleeping zone we separated place for bunk bed and bassinette. In the middle of the room we placed sofa for stay of the oldest son. Moreover there are zones for working and playing.

Finishing materials

The main requirements for finishing were to:

  • create architectural space;
  • set minimalism in interior;
  • foresee interior with no extra things;
  • use natural materials for accents

Therefore we received vivid concept, in which we used three colors in interior: white, grey-black and wooden

viza_lainer_ (1)

For finishing we used micro concrete on the ceiling and walls, white paint, parquet planks on the floor. Ceramic granite tile was chosen at the same principle. On the walls we used tile imitating concrete, tile imitating honeycombs of bright grey color. Also wooden accents on order-made furniture, wooden shelves and drawers. In the guest sanitary facilities we emphasized the wall by tile imitating wood Porcelanosa Oxford. 

viza_lainer_ (2)

viza_lainer_ (3)

The clients didn’t want to use paintings and other small decorative elements, that’s why we used finishing materials for this purpose. We used grey color range, only in  the children’s room we added blue and azure tones in the textile. In other elements children’s room finishing doesn’t distinguish from other rooms. 

Storage systems

We used a lot of storage systems in the interior. On the left side of the entrance we foreseen dressing room, in which you can place all over clothes and footwear. Also it can be used for drying undercoats and down parkas. Moreover there will be place for storage of baby carriage, while the child will grow up. In this dressing room we used storage system of IKEA Algot.

viza_lainer_ (4)

viza_lainer_ (5)

All storage systems are hidden over the walls or built in. This was necessary to create minimalism in the interior and take away all odd things. In individual zones there is also dressing room, where we placed washing machine and drying machine. We also used Ikea Pax storage systems. 

In the children’s room we also tried to hide wardrobes visually by putting them from the both sides of the sofa. In such a way it seems that sofa is built into the niche. Also there is a big niche for storage in the bed placed in the bedroom. From both sides of the bed there are drawers for storage of bed clothing.


We put an emphasize to illumination in this interior. As there is no decorative elements, we used illumination for this purpose. In the common zone of kitchen-living room-dining room we used decorative LED lighting to emphasize the size of the room. Also it lights the concrete on the ceiling and white wall over the TV.

viza_lainer_ (6)

viza_lainer_ (7)

White leave of the ceiling is dividing the room into two parts and decorative illumination will emphasize floor space of the room. There is general lightening in the form of built in, imperceptible and laid on black lamps. Also there is functional illumination, it is represented by floor-lamp near the sofa, chandelier over the table and profile lamp over the bar counter. All this illumination devices highlight function, id est specific actions. 

viza_lainer_ (7)

viza_lainer_ (8)

In the hall zone and bedroom used the same technique with the help of highlighting. The emphasized wall with the cover that imitates concrete is highlighted from top and bottom to stress the texture. 

In the minimalism interior lamps shouldn’t be striking. That means, that at the whole we shouldn’t see any complex forms of the lamps. That’s why we used built in wall lamps of simple and laconic forms and also hidden LED highlight. 

Color layout

As we mentioned above we mostly used white, grey-black and wooden colors. In the children’s room we did an accent with blue and azure tones of textile. Moreover, you can see accents in black elements of metallic items and other local elements. They create special atmosphere in the interior and make it more contrast and interesting

viza_lainer_ (9)

viza_lainer_ (10)

viza_lainer_ (11)


During the creation of this project we acted within defined budget. That’s why we should find inexpensive replicas of designers items, and also according to the request of the client use not so popular items, that are repeated in all designer interiors. 

viza_lainer_ (12)

viza_lainer_ (13)

The sofa Stone in the living room we bought at the factory 8 marta Selecta. Cabinetry from IKEA and the bed with a storage place Brusali.

Decoration and textile

Textile in the interior is of neutral grey color, there is no bright elements, except children’s room, where we added blue color.

viza_lainer_ (14)

viza_lainer_ (15)

In this project there are minimum decorative elements, as it was the requirement of our clients. That’s why for the decor of minimalistic interiors mostly used furniture items. For example laconic crockery, lamps, and so on. Herewith, there is no odd things and this is an advantage of minimalism


As it is an apartments, there were no complexities with approvals. But there is fire protection equipment on the ceiling, which couldn’t be moved. Complexities could appear during the repairs with bath installation in the bathroom. It is built into the niche, that’s why it should be installed in advance, strictly following the sizes

viza_lainer_ (16)

viza_lainer_ (17)

Project implementation period

Project implementation for such floor space will be near 6 month. 

viza_lainer_ (18)

viza_lainer_ (19)

viza_lainer_ (20)



Kotelniki, MR, RC “Belye Rosy”


48.3 m2


young man


contemporary, with loft elements

We developed this interior design for an unmarried men’s apartment. The client goes in for sports and lives healthy lifestyle. He hasn’t planned children yet and maybe he will live together with his girlfriend in this appartment. He likes to spend his time with friends while smoking shisha. 


Functional requirements for this apartment

In this interior we should:

  • foresee a separate sleeping area;
  • unite living room zone with kitchen and dining room;
  • combine balcony with the room;
  • separate zone for the shisha.



In this project we didn’t do dramatic replanning. We placed bedroom in the middle of the apartment, while we didn’t move sanitary facilities and kitchen. There are partitions only between hall, living room and sanitary facilities, while we placed a light glass partition between livingroom and bedroom. At the rest, it is an open space apartment.     

The main requirement was to combine balcony with a room. We warned the client that it will be difficult to approve. So, to fulfil this variant, it was decided to place glass partition between balcony and the room. 


Main finishing materials used for the apartment

As we had a task to combine contemporary interior with a loft elements we used natural slate tile. It received a positive feedback from the client from our previous projects, so we didn’t have a question regarding the material of the tile.

You can see slate tile in the whole flat: in the kitchen and balcony, in sanitary facilities and hall. The floor of the other parts of the apartment is made of parquet planks. We tried to use more natural materials in the finishing. For walls finishing we used clinker brick fully made of concrete. It ideally imitates ancient bricks. In other parts we painted walls and used slate tile as on the floor. 


For finishing the ceiling we used almost nothing. We left existing concrete and slabs. Only over the living room we decided to emphasize the part of the ceiling downdrop to create the contrast in the interior.   


Storage systems

Storage systems in this interior we placed in a one line in the middle of the apartment. At the right side of the entrance we placed wardrobe and according to planning it is railed with the wall from the niche of sanitary facilities, with a built in washing machine and household cleaners storage. The next wall fences wardrobe, that is placed in the bedroom.

Additionally we have foreseen storage systems in the kitchen. They will be enough for that place, as cabinetry is up to the ceiling. Also we placed storage systems in the shisha’s zone (ex balcony zone). It is podium drawers and open shelf for shisha inventory storage.     


Illumination scenarios

We have foreseen three illumination scenarios: common, functional and decorative.

Common illumination is represented by spot surface-mounted luminaire in all rooms and also by track light in the livingroom. As we left the ceiling uncovered, you can see duct of this lamps. Regarding the ceiling downdrop, we placed built in lamps there.

We placed common illumination in a wooden lathes of the bedroom ceiling. Thsi is unusual solution, because the illumination from them transfers from the common, on the ceiling, to functional on the wall. Herewith, both scenarios functionalize separately.

For functional illumination we used hanging lamps and wall lamp over the bar counter. Also, it is represented by LED sections between the lathes on the bedroom wall, which when are turned on provide diffused lighting for illumination of different elements.

In the sanitary facilities functional lightning is represented by illumination of the mirror with the help of built in lamps. In the kitchen this function is performed by LED strip over the cooking area and under the wall drawers.


Decorative illumination is performed by LED highlighting in the downdrop of the living room ceiling. In the balcony zone it is provided by highlighting of the niche in front of the window. When you leave only this scenario turned on, you can create an intimate atmosphere in the whole interior.


Color layout

In the finishing of this interior we used neutral colors with the bright elements. These are whitish oak on the floor, grey color of textile, bricks and white walls. For the accents we used dark graphite slate tile and the same dark color for some walls. We tried to use light neutral tones  as much as possible, not to overload the interior with dark colors.


Also color accents are represented by the wooden lathes in the living room zone, decorative pillows, blue-ribbon vivid posters and also separate furniture elements. We foresee that the client in the future would like to have more neutral interior and did all bright elements removable. So, he will be able to create a distinctly different dynamic in the whole space.


Furniture items

In this interior there are not so many furniture elements and all of them are optimized. That’s why we used Ikea and russian manufacturers items at a maximum. As for the rest, we used copies of designers interior items and lamps. All storage wardrobes are Pax systems from IKEA. We put partitions for them and received built in wardrobes, which are almost unseen in the apartment. The cabinetry is also from Ikea to optimize the budget of the client.


As for the soft furniture we used sofa of 8 Marta Selecta factory, model Stone. The bar counter is made of high cabinetry. They are standard and can be ordered at any factory. Cabinetry and bar counter table top is made of ceramic granite imitating concrete Laminam. Bar stools are bought in Deephouse, such stools are often used in the restaurants, so it creates bar atmosphere in the interior. This was one more requirement from the client side.

There is a few custom-built furniture in the interior. It is sofa in the shisha’s zone, the shelf over it, bench-table at the entrance and hanging drawer over the sink. The bed frame we did from pallets, that could be bought at a reasonable price and placed mattress on it.


Decoration and textile

The textile in this project is mostly neutral. It is represented by grey curtains, sofa and bottoms. We used bright elements locally, for example, colorful throw pillows. The main colors that prevail among them are blue, black and yellow.



At the designing stage we faced with complexity of placing the air extraction system in the kitchen, as we didn’t lower the ceiling. That’s why, we lowered the ceiling over the shower and closet basin zones, therewith we did symmetric podium to place flush to the stuck.

As the floor space of the apartment is not very big, we needed to place all engineering systems in one place. To ease the access to them, we foresee the drawer over the closet basin, one of the doors of which leads to them and replaces sanitary-engineering hatch.

Also complexities could appear with the concrete ceiling. It should be evened and cleaned from plaster and some defects. This doesn’t affect the style itself, but anyway it is needed to prepare ceiling comprehensively. Maybe it will be lacquered. Also there will be open harnessing on the ceiling, so it should be done promptly to look aesthetically beautiful.


Complexities could appear with the balcony heat isolation for the shisha’s zone. We will need to place heat insulation there, and make even floor without podium. After communication with constructors, we found out that this solution could be implemented with the help of up-to-date materials.


Project implementation period

Project implementation period is minimal and is near to 3-4 months, as it is not really complex project. This implementation period is valid under condition that all needed items will be ordered in time and delivered to the object by the indicated date.

geometrium планировка кухни





113 кв.м


young family with a child



The interior of this apartment we designed for a family with a small child. New parents are planning to give birth to one more child in the nearest future.


Functional tasks to be resolved in this space 

We were asked to:

  • combine kitchen, dining room and living room and create one big space;
  • foresee two sanitary facilities: one main and another for guests, where, in one for the guests there should be a shower cabin, while in main – bath;
  • create a separate dressing-room zone in a bedroom for the owners’ clothes;
  • divide children’s room into two zones: one for working, and another one actually for children’s room;
  • detach zone for washing room, where clients will wash, dry and iron the laundry.


This apartment had free layout. We almost didn’t deviate from the Technical Inventory Bureau plan. So we didn’t need to approve replanning. It was decided to combine living room with kitchen-dining room in a one big area. Also, we took away partition in a hall and combined it with a living room. We separated entrance zone from the kitchen with a guest sanitary facilities, for the guests, when entering the apartment, didn’t see the whole floor space. As the result, we received open big space, which is divided visually with guest sanitary conveniences.

This planning is really convenient, because it enabled us to create big space for common zones such as: living room, hall, dining room, guest sanitary facilities. And private zones such as: bedroom, children’s room, bathroom, dressing-room, washing room, which are remoted from the entrance. These zones will be used only by owners. And when the guests come, they won’t be able to enter in a private zone, as they are situated in a separate part of the apartment. This is a big advantage.

From the global replanning we combined zones of enclosed balcony and children’s room. In ex-balcony zone we placed children’s working area. We agreed this replanning with clients and the only requirement from their side was to place glass partition there.

Finishing materials

As you could possibly have mentioned, in all our project we often repeat finishing materials in different zones and add defined tones. This interior is not an exclusion. On the floor in the whole interior we used parquet planks Barlinek. This is the best option in the ratio of price-quality. And we often use it in our projects.


Apart from it, we also used ceramic granite tile imitating white marble. We used it in a guest bathroom, at the kitchen’s floor and in the hall. This technique creates effect of the united space. For example, when you open the doors of the guest sanitary conveniences, you will see that their, kitchen’s and living room’s floor is of the same material. This creates visual combining and increase of space.

The walls are made for further painting, we will use mostly grey and white colors. For the accents we used mossy color in the bedroom, in form of sage green tone accent over the bed-head. In the children’s room we used more bright colors, i.e. blue and navy colors for the walls. Herewith the part of the jamb was used for a small house, which we painted in different colors. Also for children’s room finishing we used panels over the wardrobe, as some kind of an accent.

In private zones for an accents we also used ceramic granite imitating concrete. It appears in bathroom and in children’s room working area. Again, all materials are repeated in the whole interior and also in separate elements.

Storage systems

In this interior we used storage systems at a maximum. For example, at the entrance in the hall we placed a big two-meter wardrobe. It will perform two functions: clothes storage and technical one (there will be placed electric power meter).


In the living room zone we used almost the whole wall for Pax systems from IKEA and made to order mezzanine cabinets. It resulted in a big spacious storage system, where you can hide all odd things. For example, scattered child’s toys, books or other personal things of our clients. This wardrobe is absolutely built in, it looks like a smooth wall with doors, which is limited by the partitions.

Herewith, one cabinet is of nonstandard size, so to place there Pax system from IKEA we fully laid it out. As the result we received a gap, where we couldn’t place additional wardrobe. We found the way out and left a niche there, to place a made to order shelf. In this open shelf clients will store things, that are regularly used. Also we placed Wifi router there. It might be the best place for internet distribution for both bedroom and children’s room. The router will be placed almost in the middle of the apartment, and open shelf won’t block the signal with the doors.


When you look to the kitchen, from the left side you will see a refrigerator and vertical cabinetry together with a vertical placement of appliances. We foresee two refrigerators; it was the request of our clients. They needed them to store more food, as the family spends a lot of time at the kitchen and often cooks. Also, we placed vertical cabinetry exactly from the left side to free the space for cooking zone and place horizontal cabinetry over it.

Opposite the cooking zone we placed island, where you can also cook food and communicate with family members, who are sitting in the living room or over the bar counter and waiting for a supper. In that island there are also storage systems, where a lot of dishes and flatware could be stored.


In the corner of the living room we placed fireplace imitation up built from the supporting wall edge, and placed additional cabinets over it. They are small, but you can place books and small things there.

Regarding storage systems in the children’s room we placed IKEA wardrobe there, which frames the sofa and made to order mezzanine cabinets, where the children could place their things. We foresee two wardrobes, as when the second child will be born, each of them could have one wardrobe. Also there is a shelf for books in the form of open storage system, to have open access to the books and other needed things.


The bedroom had an extended form. So we separated it’s part for a dressing room. As the result, we received comfortable space of a regular shape with a separate storage system, where a lot of clothes could be placed. We received two of two and a half-meters wardrobes – it is five meters of wardrobes from the floor to the ceiling.

In the bathroom the storage system is placed over the lavatory bowl and also over the sink in mirror cabinet. Over the bathroom there is niche for shampoos. The same niches we placed in a guest sanitary facilities. Over the lavatory bowl there is a long niche for storage of toilet paper and household chemicals. At the same time, it is a decorative element, where you can put greenery or plants.


There are several lightening scenarios in this apartment:

  • general;
  • functional;
  • decorative.


Decorative lightening is used at a maximum only in a guests and common zones. We lightened the wooden lathes, which are separating the guest zone over the sofa. Between lathes on the ceiling we placed LED profiles, which provide interesting enough luminescence. Whet the light will be turned off, they will create a decorative effect.


Also as decorative lightening we used spots – directed lamps in white niche in the living room, they create original relief of the light on the walls. Also you can direct them on a specific things and put an accent on them with the help of the light. It also creates decorative effect.

The role of decorative lightening in the bedroom is performed by table lamps. They create an intimate atmosphere and provide soft lighting over the drawers. You can turn off the rest of the lightening, leaving them turned on, to create decorative lightening.

For the general lightening we used built-in spot lamps in the whole apartment, combined in such a way, that they can provide dosed illumination or illuminate the whole interior. Their main function is to provide generallightening, especially in the children’s room. It is necessary to have more light there, as there are many activities in this room, and good lightening is really important for children.

Also the role of general lightening is performed by surface-mounted luminaire in a children’s working zone. This scenario works in such a way, that you can turn on the light over the working zone and turn off the rest oflightening.

General lightening in the bedroom is represented by profile lamps and hanging chandelier, called nimbus, that creates light circles and provides with LED lightening.


Functional lightening in a guest zone is represented by hanging chandeliers over the dining table and bar counter. In the kitchen we used LED strip light under the hanging cabinetry and surface-mounted luminaire, that provides spot light on a working area.

We used wall lamps in a children’s room for a comfortable reading before the sleep. For example, sitting on the sofa, parents will be able to read a fairytale to a smaller child, while wall lamp will illuminate this reading and create needed level of lightening. Also we placed wall lamps in the bedroom. They also could be spotted. This also could be suitable while reading.

Color scheme

We had a request to create a bright space, and we fulfilled this by using white color of the walls and light grey tones of the walls. For the accents we used navy, blue and wood colors. We often use wood in our projects, and it is the main outstanding element in the whole interior. You can notice wooden doors, tile imitating wood in the bathroom, wooden counter under the sink, wooden floor almost in the whole flat. Also wooden lathes in the living room, that create some kind of an accent. These are main colors that we used in the interior.


Also there is green color in a small amount, which appears in the plants and partly in the children’s room. The main task is to create general background in neutral tones, emphasize wood, as natural material and put color accents for interior to look lively and interestingly. As the result we used several colors: white, grey, wooden, navy accent in the children’s room, complex sage green in the bedroom and white marble effect.

Interior design items

From the interior design items, the only requirement from the client’s side was bathroom fitment Villeroy&Boch. Also, we were asked to use lamps CentrSvet and put high-quality cabinetry. We allocated budget in such a way, that we could focus on important things, while the hided elements we tried to make cheaper. For example, in the living room the wall of storage systems was done from the wardrobes PAX IKEA, also we used IKEA items in the whole interior.

For the finishing we used parquet Barlinek and tile Porcelanosa. The finishing of the tabletop of cabinetry, bar counter and island is made of ceramic granite OnTop of Laminam company. Lamps and designer furniture, such as armchair and coffee table, were bought in Cosmorelax shop. The part of the furniture we ordered according to our sketches, for example rack in the living room, TV drawer and furring.



Décor and textile 

For decor we used plants at the whole apartment and paintings in a black frame with abstraction. The black color, which is used in interior, creates the rhythm of the space. In single decor elements we used latten. It was used just a little to add dynamics and materials to the interior.


One more decorative element is a wall in the children’s room, which we stylized as a house. We picked up decor in the form of garlands and painted windows with a chalk paint inside. Also for decor we used veneer mountings, they are painted and stuck to the walls.

Regarding textile, we used curtains of beige-grey tones made of natural materials, in such way we involved minimum color in them. The curtains in the whole interior are the same. Also in textile we used grey color, for example sofa in the living room. The carpets in the children’s room combine color range of this room on a compositional level. On the carpets of the living room we used tones that are present on the curtains and sofa.


Complexities could appear with a wall between kitchen and bathroom, the construction should be worked out thoroughly, you should be accurate with dimensions. That space is really small and we decided to reduce this partition to put installation there. We worked its node point out and visualized it in construction documents, for workers not to get into a fuddle.

Also complexities could appear on the stage of bathroom storage system placement. At the place of niche for shampoos there is complex technical solution. It is essential to organize access to filters, meters, also there is a need to place a lot of bathroom fitment and try to combine everything correctly. There could be complexity for plumbers to tap the elements such as tubes, filters and plugs in one place. They should be in a free access. It could create some complexities, but with intelligent approach together with designer we will be able to find the right solution

Complexities could also appear while hanging the drawer in the bedroom. This is elongated drawer of a small height, when it will be placed it is needed to put special embedded details on the wall. This is not easy solution to implement, so it could be hard for furniture-maker to choose the furniture and work through this solution.

It would be challenging to built-in lathes over the sofa in the living room. The best solution will be to make them from MDF and invisibly combine them with each other. It will be hard to attach them to the ceiling, it should be done in a nicely and practical way.


Project implementation period 

Project implementation period is near a half of the year, as the floor space is big enough and the project is technically complex.

Belyi Park




54,5 m2


mature married couple



Our client is a mature married couple. They will live in a flat with a small dog of Chihuahua breed. Sometimes their mature daughter or other relatives and friends will visit them and stay for a night or a week.

Our clients wanted to have a cozy and comfortable interior with loft elements and a lot of green color. It was important for them to have an entrance hall with storage systems, combined kitchen – living room – dining room with a dining table, sofa and kitchen zone, bathroom with a shower cabin. Also, they necessarily wanted to have separate bedroom and cozy place for guests to stay for a night.

In the flat there are two balconies of different size. On the bigger one we needed to create a leisure zone, where you can sit, talk and drink a coffee.


Planning concept

Current planning was not suitable with our clients as there was no place for a separate bedroom and combined kitchen – living room – dining room. That’s why we decided to change this planning, that was not easy to approve.



We moved kitchen to the corridor, and instead of it we placed bedroom. In case of problems while approving this, we left bathroom leading-outs from the bedroom side. At the moment of verification we will be able to return kitchen to the bedroom zone. And after, return everything back.

Through this solution we received united kitchen – living room – dining room and separate bedroom, just as clients wanted.

belyi_gorod_viza_1 (6)

belyi_gorod_viza_5_ (6)


One of the most interesting solutions in this project was a glass partition, which separated bedroom and living room. Clients will live in this flat alone, so this solution won’t pinch their personal space. We foresee special curtain, which can be used when the guests will stay for a night, or simply somebody will want to watch TV in the living room.

From the living room there is an entrance to a small balcony, where you can stand and look at the city.

belyi_gorod_viza_3 (3)

belyi_gorod_viza_2_ (2)


On the balcony, that is in bedroom we placed a leisure zone with a bar counter and two chairs. Also there is a drawer unit for storage.

belyi_gorod_viza_balcon1 (9) belyi_gorod_viza_balcon2 (4)

At the entrance there is a built-in two-meter wardrobe for everyday outwear and other things.

You can enter the bathroom through a small dressing-room, in which there is a laundry. The bathroom space was increased by means of the corridor, at this space we placed shower cabin.


In the whole flat we used parquet planks for the floor. The ceiling is covered with plaster for further coating.

All the walls are mostly for further painting in different colors and concrete paging. They are reinforced by glass-fiber wrapping material, what will help to avoid cracks in the future, as the building is new and will shrink.

Also for finishing we used old brick tile in a loft style, which looks like a true one.

Floor coating at the balcony, in the kitchen and corridor is ceramic tile imitating concrete. In the bathroom interior we used natural slate, plaster for further coating; on the floor we used tile imitating wood. On the walls we also used concrete-imitating tile. In the shower cabin zone we used slate. There are wooden lathes on the ceiling.

belyi_gorod_viza_sanusel3 (1) belyi_gorod_viza_sanusel1_ (1)

Storage systems

At the entrance there is a module closet of the ordinary sizes. It shouldn’t be order-made, you simply could purchase Pax system in IKEA. At the entrance to the bathroom there is a small dressing-room, on the left there is an ordinary wardrobe, on the right there are washing machine and dryer. There is one more storage system over them.

belyi_gorod_viza_sanusel4 (1) belyi_gorod_viza_sanusel2 (1)

Under TV set there are different storage systems, where the technics could be placed.

In the kitchen for storage we used top and bottom cabinets.

On the balcony there is a drawer unit with moving-out boxes.


There are several lightening scenarios in the flat.

General lightening is done with the help of built-in lamps and tracking light on guiding rails. Also there are floor-lamp and a wall lamp, which generates zonal dim lightening. Over the dining table there are hanging lamps. In the kitchen zone there is LED strip for illuminating the cooking area.

belyi_gorod_viza_1 (6)

Color scheme

In the interior we used white color and color of aged brick. Also there is texture of concrete.

Some elements are of warm grey color. Additionally we used black graphic elements, which added contrast to the interior. These are lamps, table-legs, wall lamps, stained glass wall. They set pace in the interior.

For an accent we used green color – plants, stabilized moss.



In the dining room there is a dining table from wood cut on black graphic legs.

We chose bed of a black color to set a contrast and play of colors. Bedsides, cabinets on black metallic legs have wooden tabletops. This we did for interior coinciding with dining room.    

Décor and textile

In décor we used plants and stabilized moss over the living room. Stabilized moss doesn’t require special care. It will be always beautiful and green, as the clients wanted.

Pillows on the sofa are with graphical black-and-white and dark-grey pictures. 

From the left side of the entrance there is a big picture of a horse, which creates black graphics and is aligned with black door, tracking light and other black elements.

belyi_gorod_viza_1 (2)__

belyi_gorod_viza_1 (2) (1)

Over the bed there is a big black metallic watch. Picture, which is placed on the floor in the bedroom, is done in a black frame with passe-partout.

In the living room there are bio fireplace and nude carpet.

Curtains are Roman, of bright color, blackout. 

On the balcony there are roller blinds connected to the window frame.


Planning approval was the main complexity. Planning is enough controversial and is hard to approve, but the client consciously agreed on it, to make interior comfortable.

pr_belyi_gorod 2

Project implementation period

3-4 months.    



Moscow, RC Izmailovo (monolith, blocks)


72,4 m2


family (husband, wife, daughter 18 y.o.)



The client for this project is a mature family with 3 children.  Two older sons are living separately, while younger daughter is a student and lives with the parents.

The family pursues an active lifestyle. They travel a lot and go in for skiing.


Planning concept

Initially it was a two-room flat in which we should place children’s room for the daughter and bedroom for parents separately. We should plan three living areas: one kitchen-dining-living room, children’s room and bedroom.



A big dining table was the main request of the family, because their sons often come to their place for a dinner.


viza_izmailovo_20090 (3) viza_izmailovo_10090 (3)

The second request was a big dressing-room, for which clients were ready to give up on guest bathroom.

The main question, that needed approval, was uniting of balcony with the living room. We informed the client,  that balcony’s partitions couldn’t be demolished, but after we received approval, we continued our works. Technically balcony’s partitions weren’t carrying ones and were built of the simple blocks, so it didn’t influence on the building construction. 



In finishing we didn’t extended away from our favorite materials. We used painting for walls, parquet plank and ceramic granite for the floor. For color scheme being more specific, we partly used wooden lathes 2×3 sm on the walls, which became the part of interior design. In actual fact these lathes substituted wooden panels, being more budget variant with the same effect.


viza_izmailovo_30090 (3) viza_izmailovo_70090 (3)


Storage systems

Besides the dressing room there are made-to-order built-in wardrobes in both children’s room and living room. In the children’s room, clients wanted out-of-the-box solution for storage, like a mix of open and closed storage systems. In the living room there is also made-to-order rack.


viza_izmailovo_80090 (3) viza_izmailovo_90090 (3)



In this project we used general lightening in the form of built-in lightening fixtures Сentrsvet. Also, for general lightening we used surface-mounted luminaire in the living room niche and track ones for the kitchen. The light from them is directed and soft at the same time. Despite the lightening is directed, it lightens zones and provides general light for each zone.

We also used mood lighting of led tape in the flat. The tape could be regulated by color and brightness with the help of desk and mobile application. So you can easily create the atmosphere you need.


viza_izmailovo_50090 (3)

Functional lightening is provided by floor-lamp and desk lamps. In the bathroom mirror lightening is accomplished with the help of the special built-in lamp. The light doesn’t attract attention and fulfills its function; these are the rules of contemporary design. 

Over the dining table there is ceiling lamp with latten elements. With the help of this we emphasized statusness and expensiveness of the interior.


Color scheme

We used neutral complex tones of brown and grey. There is an active grey wall in the living room. 


viza_izmailovo_60090 (3) viza_izmailovo_110090 (2) viza_izmailovo_120090 (2) viza_izmailovo_100090 (2) viza_izmailovo_130090 (2)


Children’s room looks a little bit hipsterish because of usage of white brick in combination with bright accents of blue and yellow colors. This room is the only one, where we used bright colors.


viza_izmailovo_140090 (2) viza_izmailovo_150090 (2)



We used Russian manufacturers of the soft furniture (e.i. sofa of 8 Marta), and also designer brands replicas.

There is minimal amount of detached furniture: armchair and sofa in the living room, desk in the children’s room. Mainly all furniture is built-in. 


viza_izmailovo_160000 (16) 

Décor and textile

We followed fashionable trend and added latten elements. In general all furniture and lightening are décor that form interior climate. In neutral monochrome interior game is set by green plants.


viza_izmailovo_40090 (3)



The wall in the kitchens zone is too odd. We needed to level it, for not having problems when placing cabinetry. It won’t be easy technically to place wooden lathes. We will need to place inserts on the floor and at the ceiling for lathes’ stableness. This question we will resolve together with supplier.

Built-in baseboard and jib doors are also a difficult pill to swallow. This is out-of-box solution, that requires detailed working out of nod points of the walls.


viza_izmailovo_190000 (11) viza_izmailovo_180000 (15) viza_izmailovo_170000 (14)


Project implementation period

From 4 up to 6 month. 





109,5 m2


a young family with a child 2 y.o.



A young family (husband, wife, son 2 y.o.) will be living in this flat. In addition, there will be living one more important family member – a cat of Russian blue breed. Our clients love him very much, that is why they pointed up on him. Our clients have their own business. As the rule, wife works from home. Their hobbies are football (husband), painting (wife) and bike riding. They like to spend evenings over a glass of wine. 


Functional tasks that should be resolved in this flat 

Our clients wanted:

  • Two bathrooms. Main with the bathroom and guests’ with the shower cabin. For placing it, we needed to change planning and increase space of water closet;
  • Cabinet at the entrance, for hanging clothes;
  • Separate dressing room with a great number of storage systems;
  • Kitchen – living room – dining room combined zone;
  • Balcony entrance at the living room;
  • Zone for work, for rest and place for painting at the balcony;
  • Bedroom with a TV set;
  • Washing machine in the main bathroom;
  • Climbing structure in the children’s room;
  • Children’s room should be suitable for future redecorating it to the teenager’s room;
  • A big wine chiller cabinet, that already exists, should be placed in the living room zone;
  • Place for a great amount of already existing technics. 


At the stage of creating planning concept, we took into consideration a building-up of the walls on 7 sm, as it was decided to do full acoustic isolation.

For implementation of combined space idea, we connected kitchen to the living room. In addition, we increased bathroom using the space of the corridor. These solutions complied with all standards, but required approval.     

We divided the corridor and living room zones by the cabinet. From one side, it functionally divides these zones, and from another, accomplishes this not so radically.    

In the bedroom, we increased sizes of existing dressing room, so it could store more things.



Finishing materials 

In the hall and kitchen, we used tile imitating natural marble. In the corridor, we used parquet planks Barlinek of CARAMEL GRANDE oak. For the walls, we used plaster for further painting reinforced with glass-fiber wrapping material to avoid cracks. In the living room, there is a big wall with concrete-imitating plaster. For the splash back of the kitchen, we used marble-imitating tile. At the entrance, there are wooden planks with build-in lamps.

viza_aleksandr_1 (33) viza_aleksandr_2 (33)

viza_aleksandr_3 (32) viza_aleksandr_4 (32) viza_aleksandr_5 (31) viza_aleksandr_6 (31) viza_aleksandr_7 (33)


In the bedroom over the bed-head, there are soft-furniture and wooden panels, that ideally emphasize the usage of natural materials in the interior.   

In the children’s room, finishing is the same as for the whole apartment, except the floor. We did it using corks, for it to be gentler. One wall of the children’s room, where there is a TV set, we painted with magnetic paint, so it could be used for different learning games. Wall near the bed is made in the form of the niche from the parquet planks of herringbone layout.

The walls and the floor in the bathroom are finished with slate. The ceiling is covered with wood grain tile. A big mirror and the wall with the slight scuffs and grey plaster are emphasizing the interior of the room.   

Guest bathroom has the same finishing, except the wall, where there is a sink. It is tiled imitating wooden lathes, which transit to the ceiling. The ceiling in the shower cabin is made of slake mosaic.

The balcony is finished with marble-like tile. We didn’t want to spoil house front, so we left existing red-brick walls and finished slopes with the black slake. Balcony rails are finished with bilayer of gypsum plasterboard, winterized and reinforced with a glass-fiber wrapping material. The second balcony has the same finishing.


Storage systems

In the hall, on the right-hand side of the entrance, there is armoire for over clothes. Further, in the corridor there are two more cabinets for other midseason clothes. They will separate living room from the corridor.    

viza_aleksandr_8 (32) viza_aleksandr_9 (22)


From the living room-side, there is open storage for books and closed one for medicine box, etc. In this storage system, we placed already mentioned wine chiller cabinet. In the living room zone we placed a long shelf for technics and different décor.  

In the kitchen zone, bottom cabinets are designed for storing different kitchen utensils, and top ones, which last up to the ceiling, could be filled with non-essential things. In addition, an isle could be used for storage. At the small balcony, there is a small sofa with pullout storage for different things.

Near the bedroom, there is a huge dressing room. Near the one wall there is closet 2,25 m x 40 sm depth and near the second wall closet of 60 sm depth. In the bedroom, storage systems are not predicted, only balcony has hanging system.

viza_aleksandr_10 (26) viza_aleksandr_11 (24) viza_aleksandr_12 (26)


In the children’s room, there is deep closet of “П” letterform, 60 sm depth, that is like peculiar portal around the bed. In the first two sections on 50 centimeters there are clothes hanged on the hangers, in the top section there are rarely used things, over-the-bed sections are used for the books, toys and learning materials. Over the table, there is rolling shelf, in which different writing implements could be stored. Over the TV set, there is a cabinet for technics: CDs, PlayStation, etc.

For storage in the both sanitary conveniences, we used drawer units. Additionally, there are built-in cabinets on the right hand side of the drawer. At the bottom of the cabinet, there is washing machine and at the top, there are household detergents. Over the toilet above the installation, there is a shelf for hairdryer, opened pots and other things, that should be within reach. The storage cabinet is above. 

In the second bathroom, under the sink there is also sliding cabinet, and over it, there is cupboard with a mirror for storage of toothbrushes, cosmetics, etc. In the shower cabin we did special barely noticeable niche with shelves (that is unnoticeable even on visualizations) for convenient storage of different accessories and pots.


Clients wanted us to use several lightening schemes in the flat: general, functional and after hours. General lightening of the flat was made with the help of double lamps, which could be met in the different rooms. In the entrance room, there are wooden lathes with built-in powerful LED strip that acts like a main light.

Functional light directly illuminates necessary zones. In the living room, there are two specialized hanging lamps for illuminating such zones. Also, there is floor-lamp Hide, which is suitable for reading. Over the dinning group we did spot lightening, over the bar counter we placed levitation. In the cooking zone, lightening is represented by LED strips.

On the balcony, at the corridor and living room there are built-in lamps Centrsvet | Orbita. In the bedroom, there are hanging specialized lamps of the oval form. They are powerful enough to provide good lightening in this zone. Instead of wall lamps, we did hangers from the ceiling. In the children’s room, there are built-in lamps Centrsvet | Orbita, LED strip, wall lamp and designer deck lamp.

viza_aleksandr_13 (21) viza_aleksandr_14 (23) viza_aleksandr_15 (21)


In the bathrooms on the lathed ceiling for not building in lamps, we used laid-on black lamps. Additionally we used LED strip for niche’s lightening and Orbita lamp over the white box. In the other bathroom, lightening solutions are the same.

In all zones we used LED strips that could provide after-hours subdued lighting, suitable for leaving it for the night or when it is necessary to create semidarkness. Besides, it illuminates all sides of the mirrors in the flat. 


Color scheme 

Color scheme of the flat is accomplished in the light tones. We chose light color with grey tone for increasing space visually and for it not looking like a hospital. We also used such grey elements as concrete wall in the living room and cabinetry in the kitchen.

There are many black graphic elements – lamps, pillows, slate on the slopes. For the interior to stay warm and cozy, we used wood in the form of wooden lathes, panels, floor, built-in furniture. For creating mood in the children’s room, we painted one wall into yellow, while leaving others in light-grey color. In bathrooms, we used more dark colors, as clients wanted to create more intimate atmosphere there.

viza_aleksandr_16 (23) viza_aleksandr_17 (25) viza_aleksandr_18 (21) viza_aleksandr_19 (20)


In the interior, there is décor from copper and gold of mat tones. This brings statusness to it.



Almost all furniture elements are order-made. At the entrance, there are built-in storage systems, banquette, shelf for the keys and little things. In the bedroom there is freestanding hanger Calligaris Memorabilia, where you can hang your clothes, when you go to bed.

In the living room zone there is a grey sofa, golden mat table Amsterdam, dining table for 6 persons, designer chairs from faux-leather Kai, bar stools Marcel with metallic legs. It was important to foresee special complex for the cat. We placed this complex over the cooler, which was owned by our clients, and we needed to find ideal place for it.    


 Décor and textile 

For interior to look more vivid, we added color and décor into it. As the décor, we used copper and golden mat elements. We used black pictures in the frames with passé partout; there is cat statuette at the entrance and picture of cat. 

In the bedroom there is a picture without frame, over the bed there are pictures in the black frames.

In the children’s room on the wall covered with the metal spraying paint, it is placed wooden letters with metallic magnets.

Pillows of different colors and materials, carpets, coverlets, direct curtains, roman and roller curtains in the children’s room represent textile.

viza_aleksandr_20 (13) viza_aleksandr_21 (9) viza_aleksandr_22 (9)



The interior is well though through, so there should be any complexities. 


Project implementation period

5-6 months.  



Krasnogorsk, Moscow Region


86,5 sq.m


young family



The client for this project is a young family. We got acquainted with them on Bali. They like to travel, go in for swimming, fitness, snowboarding and longboarding. They don’t have children yet, but they are planning to.

The guys wanted interior to be modern with some loft motives. Also there was a request to use more live plants. The apartment will be visited by friends, and sometimes they will stay overnight.


Planning concept

In this apartment planning, we did one generic space for kitchen-living room-dining room, which combined it visually with entrance room.

pr_art (1)

We aimed to separate common and individual areas so that individual ones were isolated and almost didn’t intersect with common. For example in bedroom there are own check-room and bathroom. The flat owners would be able to use them without going to common areas.

Kitchen, living room, dining room is combined in one room. It resulted in elongated space, zoned by floor materials and ceiling heights.

1-17 2-17 3-16 4-16 5-15 20-7

Children’s room is also an individual area. It is isolated away from entrance and has another check-room near it. There are storage room and guest bathroom in the apartment.


Interior illumination is both functional and decorative. For energy saving LED bulbs are used in all lamps.

For the general lighting, it is used built-in LED lamps across the whole interior. Functional lightening is provided by sling over the dining-table and bar and by lightening of the counter under kitchen-cupboards. Also, there is functional lightening of the table in the bedroom in the form of slings near the bed.

As well there is decorative lightening in the interior. At the walls where there is relief, for example relief tile in the bathroom, we did alcove with local lighting. When the decorative surface is highlighted from above its relief becomes more expressive.

Along with that, decorative lightening zones the elongated space of living room – kitchen – dining room. The horizontal lines of the lightening divide the room into several parts.


For the floor finishing we used natural oak parquet board. This wood color is used in the whole interior and also in customized items. For the floor finishing we used concrete style tile of light-grey tone.

Both walls and the ceiling are colored in white. One wall is accentuated by brick laying. We took the same wall area for both living room and children’s room for brick laying, for it to look real, as if one wall in the interior is left brick in a shell condition.

In the children’s room the wall over bed-head is highlighted by yellow. In this room the whole atmosphere is set up by small details and infant elements. It is easily could be transformed into teenager’s room.



Besides among finishing materials we should mention medium density fiberboards placed over the bed-head. Wood veneer is fitted to flooring as well as veneer of all ordered furniture.

12-12 14-11 13-9

In the entrance hall, we used charcoal-gray walls to emphasize this room and separate it from the overall area of living room-kitchen-dining room

There are minimum frills in the bathrooms finishing. Concrete style tile in both toilet facilities, is used for the floor and the walls. In the bathroom one wall is highlighted by white relief decorative tile. Relief is illuminated by LED light, that’s why it becomes more expressive.



Color layout

The interior in the general gamma is bright. It has color, texture accents along with repeating black elements which furnish interior with a rhythm. The colors in the whole interior repeat, hence they visually combine all areas. By means of that the interior seems to be bigger

The color combination scheme is specified by three initial materials, they are: read loft bricks, white walls of the contemporary design and warm wooden tone on the floor and in ordered items. Other colors became accent in different rooms. Blue was used in the bedroom and living room, while yellow and azure in the children’s room.


Decoration and textile

There are few decoration elements in the flat. Decoration function is provided by plants. Also in the living room, we used flat owner hobbies theme and hanged up a surf board beyond the sofa. Interior textile is sole-colored and doesn’t attract attention. The only exception is bright pillows in the living room and coverlet in the bedroom.



The flat is unsophisticated in its execution. The only complexities may occur in framing standard storage systems in the kitchen. It is important to follow dimensions distinctly during the repairs.





72 sq.m




contemporary eco-style

The project is ordered by a man. Only he will live in this flat on a permanent basis, sometimes his mature daughter will come to visit him. The main interior demands are: bright and cozy flat in a Scandinavian style, closed storage systems, wooden or wood grain stills, ceramic granite or stone floor, wooden tabletop of the cabinetry.

Presence of the guest bathroom is important. Also, the client wanted to have entry to the host bathroom from his bedroom.

The apartment should have climate control and smart house systems, with help of which the owner could control lightening scenarios and the whole flat power cut off (except refrigerator), also it should be possible to turn off the light from the bed in the bedroom.

Planning concept

Unwalled raw-space apartment we divided into the following zones:

  • Kitchen-dining room-living room.
  • Hall.
  • Dressing-room combined with the bedroom.
  • Guest bathroom with a shower cabin.
  • Host bathroom combined with the bedroom.


We accomplished the main client’s request by combining living room, kitchen and dining room into a one big zone.

viza_vodnyi_1 (16) viza_vodnyi_2 (16) viza_vodnyi_3 (15) viza_vodnyi_4 (15) viza_vodnyi_5 (14) viza_vodnyi_6 (16)

Also, the owner wanted to make the dressing room in the form of passing zone, so that you could enter from the corridor to the bedroom through it. We also accomplished this request. When you enter the flat there is a door on the left, which leads to the dressing-room, serving also as laundry and ironing room.

We made an open bathroom, which is separated from the bedroom only with the help of the glass transparent dividing wall. This we did for the room to look bigger. As well, according to the client request, we did a separate guest sanitary conveniences with a shower cabin.

viza_vodnyi_m7_ (2) viza_vodnyi_m8_ viza_vodnyi_m9_ viza_vodnyi_m12_ (2) viza_vodnyi_11 (10)

Balcony in the flat fulfills the role of lounge zone. The client likes to smoke hookah on it, so we foresee a solid intense blow hole.


For adding space to the flat across all rooms we used the same finishing materials – coloring, wood, ceramic granite.

For the floor finishing we used wooden parquet board. This wood color repeats in furniture (wood items, veneer closets, wooden lath in the bedroom). All wooden elements in the flat are of the same color. The only exception is a suar table in the guest zone, which has a deeper tone.

The color of the walls is light gray and white. For the accents we used brick walls in the hall and living room. The walls are opposite each other. When looking at this space at the whole, the solution creates effect that these brick walls have already been in this flat and are not props, but the part of the building.

Also, we used ceramic granite as finishing material. Porcelain tile in the form of combs is used in the kitchen, entrance hall, balcony and both bathrooms. Marbled porcelain tile is used in the bathroom, it adds statusness and expensiveness to the interior.

viza_vodnyi_15 (8) viza_vodnyi_16 (8)


Storage systems

For this flat we designed and ordered special built-in closets for dressing room and hall. Closets are also in the form of shelf stands. These storage systems are used in the bedroom (built-in closet) and living room (half opened and closed next to TV). To increase the room visually we didn’t use free-standing items in this design project.


General lighting of the flat is displayed by built-in spot light and turning recessed lighting fittings in the living room. In the bathroom, it is used elevation one.

Functional lightening (for special activities) is represented by floor-lamps, lamps over the table and wall lamps in the bedroom.

Decorative lighting is represented by tap lights around the perimeter of the bedroom for creating cozy atmosphere, and also by lighting above and below the wooden lathes what emphasizes their relief and makes them more interesting. As well, there is decorative lighting in the hall. It illuminates and emphasizes the brick wall.

viza_vodnyi_14 (10) viza_vodnyi_13 (8)

Color layout

We had a task to create light neutral interior without color accents, mainly from natural materials. Also, client likes plants, so he asked to add them to interior.

The overall flat gamma is bright with wood and greenery in the interior. There are light white and gray walls, pale tile, and white cloudy marble.

For accents, we used brick and black color. Brick walls were used to dilute monotone interior and add the dynamics to it. The black color is repeated in the rooms locally for setting the contrast in the interior. Besides we used metal in this project, it was latten and chrome.

viza_vodnyi_17 (10) viza_vodnyi_18 (8)


The furniture in the interior is soft, simple and of laconic forms, made of natural materials (grey fabric and leather). There is a leather bed in the bedroom.

In the interior, we used popular designer lamps, floor-lamp, dining-table made from exotic suara wood, Wishbon chairs, armchair… In the living room, there are poofs from merino wool. They look like cobblestones and suit the interior as eco-style elements. Besides there are a lot of greenery and plants according to client request.

Storage systems are veneer white.

viza_vodnyi_5 (14)

Decoration and textile

The flat textile is sole-colored without live elements. We used gray and beige neutral tones. The curtains are from gray-beige sackcloth, the sofa has light gray upholstery material.


The whole project realization term is approximately 5-6 months.


Complexities may occur during the process, they may be linked to maintenance of all sizes. But in case of following them, problems won’t occur.


The customer of the project – a young girl, a student of 22 years old, the future scientist – biologist. He likes to play the piano, which we entered in the interior as well as outdoor activities – riding on a skateboard.

The task that faced us, – make a stylish modern interior, bright, fresh and youth with humor. It was important to keep the interior space and free from all unnecessary, it does not go into minimalism.

It was necessary to provide the following functional areas:

  • entrance hall with storage system for clothing;
  • kitchen-dining room, which was supposed to be visually integrated with the living room, at the same time it should be possible to close this area and to make a separate;
  • living room;
  • bedroom (separate double bed);
  • bathroom with shower
  • summer balcony.

All this we had to organize on an area of 42 m2.


Planning solution:


All the walls of the apartment were not carriers, we have had an open plan space and operations. The restrictions were only norm SNIP. Increasing residential areas and areas with / could only be at the expense of the hall and corridor.

We have removed all the existing partitions, the column did, separating the living room and the kitchen, which I stop sliding doors, partitions. Increased bathroom by the corridor, also due to his increase the living room and bedroom area did. Kitchen has remained in the same place.

vernadskogo (7) vernadskogo (8)


The materials in the finishing of all the rooms we used are the same. The apartment is small and we have tried to use some materials to combine all space in one single unit. 

As a floor finish – ceramic granite tile and engineered timber of warm shades. As wall decoration – used white paint and tiles geometric pattern for emphasis. The bathroom tile was used to whitewashed walls that color does not differ from the rest of the walls of the apartment, but it stands out a new unusual texture. Also in the decoration of the walls we added molding and classical moldings, which gives the interior a bit of humor and a gentle atmosphere for girls.

Storage systems:

Storage systems are made in hidden apartments. Visually premises are exempt from the cabinets, which gives the interior a feeling of spaciousness and empty is. Wardrobe in the hall – is hidden in the wall and has a white facade, which in turn merges with the wall. Hallway seems empty, but actually has a functional full wardrobe. Refrigerator kitchen is also built into the wall, on the same principle.

vernadskogo (2)

vernadskogo (1)

Built in the living room just as well hidden in the wall. They create a niche between the piano. Due to the fact that we lowered ceiling above wardrobe has turned out a niche effect, while the piano as though embedded in the wall. If it were two separate closets, while the individual items on the wall would be three (two closets and piano) and the space would no longer seemed so clean and neat.

vernadskogo (6) vernadskogo (5)

In the same way, we have hidden cupboard with washing machine and storage for toiletries in the shower. Wardrobe is a continuation of the wall. The rooms seem straightforward and not cluttered, this feast has a lot of storage space.

vernadskogo (14)

vernadskogo (13)

Flat lighting scenarios:

  • General lighting is represented by integrated spotlights in the kitchen, bathroom and hallway, chandelier – in the living room.
  • Functional lighting: lighting the working surface of the kitchen, hanging lamps above the bar, over the sink in the bathroom, floor lamp.
  • Decorative Lighting – garland in the bedroom area.

vernadskogo (9) vernadskogo (10)

Color solution:

Color solution apartment – warm wood on the floor, white background on the walls and the balance of cold pastel – blue, pink and bright yellow accents.

The task was to make a soft and quiet interior, with added humor and brightness. That color combination – we most definitely achieved this effect.

vernadskogo (11)

vernadskogo (12)


The furnishings in the interior were chosen carefully, as this style of every object has a major role in creating an atmosphere.

As storage – we used Ikea PAX system (cabinets) and method (kitchen). This significantly save the customer money, the quality of design and Ikea is not inferior counterparts in many times more expensive. This is furniture that we do not pay attention, and that was the problem – to hide it.

All freestanding furniture, lamps – known designer items or repriki them. All design and atmosphere of the room is kept, in fact, these individual subjects, and the selection of items – one of the most important stages of the development of the interior.

vernadskogo (3)

The decor and textiles:

Decor, we also picked up very carefully as all the interior. We have tried to add a little humor and a playful atmosphere for zakazchitsa. She loves animals styling, so we used this theme in the decor. deer head made of plastic, wall stickers in the form of chanterelles, etc…


Textiles in the interior – solid color. Curtains are used only for the functionality. Therefore, they are white. Textiles on the couch, bed linen, cushions our palette of colors – blue and pink hues. As we picked up the accent prints for decorative pillows.

vernadskogo (4)


Let’s talk about the difficulties that may arise in the implementation of this project. The main difficulty and important component – comply with the dimensions, especially very thin must act with the built-in furniture. After all, the standard sizes of furniture, so errors in the construction of partition walls are fraught with the loss of money on custom cabinets. It is also not just a place – rack in the hallway, they would be difficult to fix to the floor, so that they are without any extra designs and visually looked well as visualization. But this problem can be solved. More problems arise should not.

Now we are completing work documentation and proceed with the project. Tentatively on the date of repair, we expect 4 months.

Share with your friends, put the huskies if you liked the project. Write your questions and comments, it is important to know your opinion.


Musy Jalil

The project apartments on Musa Jalil street made for a young and active girl. Client name is Maria and she was 26 years old at the moment she does not have children yet and family life concerns it does not relate to, so the apartment is fully made under her needs, but with the possibility in the future to convert an apartment under the surrender or transfer of parents.

musy dgalilya (3)

Maria loves to skateboard, skiing and rollerblading, her many things and one of the important tasks – that was to place a large amount of storage. Two main zones in the apartment – a walk-in closet and bathroom, where Mary spends a lot of time, a kitchen on the contrary, is intended to prepare breakfast in the morning only.

musy dgalilya (10)
Maria has two dogs, it was important to provide a place for them for food, toilets and special houses. The apartment also had to accommodate a bedroom and a living room with a working-through area. Ordered it wanted a separate make up area, but in the process, we realized that it can be combined with bathroom. On the balcony, Maria wanted to build a recreation area, where it is in the morning drinking coffee and sitting with a laptop.

musy dgalilya (18)

musy dgalilya (17)

Planning solution:

The apartment is made in the type series, and it was important for all to realize the finished sample alterations. This greatly simplifies and reduces the cost of coordination, but complicates the task of us, because you can not move away from the project location of walls and openings are not one centimeter.

planirovka_musy_dgalilya (1)

Because of this would make a decision to do a dressing is not of drywall or block walls, and isolate it from the bedroom in furniture made of MDF boards, which are attached to the parquet floor and the ceiling. The bathroom we have increased due to the corridor, and the passage to the kitchen from the living room made.


Because small budget apartments in decoration used are simple and inexpensive materials. The floor in the bedroom and the living room is presented floorboard. In the bathroom, kitchen and hallway tiles KERAMA MARAZZI. On the walls in all the rooms except the bath, paintable wallpaper (they look like painted wall and want to on the walls did not go cracks). The bathroom tiles are also KERAMA MARAZZI, and that on the floor. The ceiling in all areas of plasterboard, plastered under painting.

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Storage systems:

In the hallway is a wardrobe for casual clothes and seasonal footwear.

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In the living room to the work area is roomy closet, wall-mounted for storage of books, working papers and printer combined with a table.

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The kitchen cabinets upper and lower integrated and embedded in the wall of the cabinet by two sides of the air duct.

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The bedroom has a separate dressing room, it should be kept basic things and shoes.

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The bathroom is located in the cosmetic storage drawers in the cabinet above the toilet is storage of household chemicals and other things. To the right of the washing machine drawers under the dirty laundry, divided into two compartments for sorting.

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The balcony is located under the seat storage rugs. Also throughout the apartment provides space for all kinds of figurines and decorations.


Flat lighting scenarios:

Scenario lighting in a simple apartment, but reflects the wishes of the client:

  • general – thin 2 cm built-in lights in the ceiling and overhead light fixtures (to lower the ceiling is not strong);
  • functional – lighting of the working surface in the kitchen suspensions over the table and bedside tables in the bedroom mirror lighting, floor lamp and table lamp;
  • decorative – lights in the niches on the ceiling.

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Color solution:

Apartment resolved in bright colors. The walls and ceiling are painted white, and thanks to the bright textiles, paintings and wooden elements of the interior becomes bright and not dull.

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Furniture in the apartment and registered design. Built-in cabinets – Ikea Pax system.

Kitchen, sofa, hanging shelves, closet and desk in the working area, bathroom furniture and MDF panels for walls wardrobe to order furniture manufacture.

Coffee table of the saw cut of the tree will be made on order from Indonesia. 

Designer furniture provided chairs Eames style table Tsunami chair-chair the working area Montreal 2, pouf Lora, Toledo bed, bedside tables Case.

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The decor and textiles:

Decor will pick up after repair and textiles will be made to order.

Design life has been tightened enough and lasted 8 months, although the deadline pure masterwork 2 month. Customer not in a hurry and took the time “to think” at every stage. There were also issues with the choice of the contractor for approval. Apartment renovation to begin in the near future. Approximate time for repair work on the project for 3-4 months. The indicative budget for the implementation of the 3 million. Rubles builders labor, materials, furniture and appliances at the end of 2016 prices.