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Each project is unique, as is each
client, who
contacts us
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Apartment with an area of 113 m²
113 m² Moscow
Residential Complex “The River”
130 m² Moscow
Neva Towers
82 m² Moscow

The result corresponds to the design project

113,5 м²
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of the Geometrium project
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Only the best specialists are working for Geometrium

Adelia Gilazetdinova Recruiter
Natalia Kargopoltseva Project Manager
Daria Burykina Purchaser
Nina Makarenko Purchaser
Kira Klebanova Designer
Adelia Gilazetdinova Recruiter
Natalia Kargopoltseva Project Manager
Daria Burykina Purchaser
Nina Makarenko Purchaser
Kira Klebanova Designer
Gelsu Mukhtyarova Head of Purchasing
Inga Khomyakova Designer
Serafima Demesheva Project Manager
Denis Shatov Head of Construction Projects
Marina Kurbanova Designer
Victoria Bulatnikova Customer Relations Manager
Julia Kharitonova Project Manager
Olga Bozhyeva Head of Marketing Department
We have one of the largest studios in Russia, which operates
More than 60 designers

and architects
And other specialists in related fields. They sincerely
passionate about their work, ready to accept any challenge and create a
project that exceeds client expectations
How we select the best

You can be sure we will bring your project
to perfection

Every component of the project will be executed flawlessly, as each stage is overseen by an expert in their respective field.
The art director and lead designer control the entire process —

from technical specifications
to implementation
art director
Controls all the processes, monitors implementation until the team achieves a high level of project quality
project manager
Controls the creation and implementation timelines, all organizational issues, and brings in external contractors into the project
Creates a concept, design project and provides supervision
Creates a project concept, develops architectural solutions - sketches, design documentation, drawings, and also conducts design supervision
Creates 3D computer visualizations of the interior of living spaces
Responsible for the technical side of the project - engineering networks and design solutions. Checks the correctness of all drawings
* An external contractor whose services are not included in the contract
Selects suppliers, checks contracts and invoices, draws up a procurement schedule, organizes delivery according to the construction schedule
Receives goods at the site and checks for defects
construction manager
Monitors the repair schedule, solves issues at the construction site
Decorates the interior. Selects decorative elements, works with textiles, accessories and other decorative elements
* An external contractor whose services are not included in the contract
*redevelopment approval specialist
Legalizes redevelopment and verifies its legality
* An external contractor whose services are not included in the contract

Discuss your
in person
with the art director of

Who has experience in implementing more than 100 projects in interior design and architectural design

Valeria Litvinenko
Art Director of Interior Design
At an online meeting you will tell
about your wishes,
and the specialist
will offer options for implementation
One of our managers will contact
with you and agrees on the date and time of the meeting with the art director of the studio

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    Our philosophy

    Aleksey Ivanov
    Architect-Designer, Founder of Geometrium Studio
    We seek unique meaning in every interior
    "The essence that is expressed through the atmosphere, feelings, and impressions. Something that cannot be described with ordinary terms. We find an image that resonates most with people, such as 'the warmth of the northern seas,' 'breakfast in France,' or 'an evening journey.'"
    Thanks to this approach, creative ideas are born and interior concepts are built. And truly unique spaces are created.

    Each project has its own characteristics and features that are drawn from the client’s life

    One of our clients loves to travel. He has a favorite island, Bali. We transferred the atmosphere of a tropical island to the interior of his apartment in Moscow City.

    More about the project

    Our customer is a former sailor.
    He talked about his vivid memory - sunset on the North Sea on the deck of a ship. This idea we moved to his apartment using color.

    Our customer loves to come
    to Bali and go surfing. We did it this way so that the interior reflects the character of the owner - we added a lot of details, referencing the island atmosphere
    and surf culture.

    More about the project

    The main requirement of the customer
    was to make an interesting interior
    with the presence of Japanese motifs. Therefore, the project included two hob
    for the peculiarities of preparing Japanese cuisine, frescoes were used, as well as a necessary object
    in the interior became samurai sword that the customer had.

    More about the project

    Our customers are a married couple. The husband is interested in technology, and the wife studies plant breeding. We have combined these interests into a single concept to the space was about each family member.

    More about the project

    We think about all the life scenarios and conveniences of each person

    For example
    We are considering 2 options for the children's room

    Considering that the child will grow and furniture such as the bed, wardrobe, and desk will need to be changed.

    We take into account the various characteristics of family members

    For example, we will install the shower head in the shower higher than usual if there is a tall person in the family. Let's make a tabletop on the left from the cooktop if the person who most often prepares food is left-handed.

    We think about storage systems in advance

    We analyze in detail how many items are in the new interior and how many more are expected.

    We install master keys at each exit of the house

    One button to turn off all the lights and all electrical equipment, except the ones that should remain on. For example, the refrigerator and washing machine.

    Designing a heated mirror in the bathroom

    To prevent fogging in high humidity.

    Receive a presentation with the work of Geometrium studio
    which we have not yet published in our portfolio

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      We will implement any non-standard technical solutions for your project

      We know all the pitfalls of work
      with complex engineering systems.
      In conjunction with engineers, we develop competent drawings and technical specifications that meet all requirements and standards and are understandable to any builder
      We stick to the budget specified by the customer
      As part of the project, we will draw up an approximate budget table to estimate the amount of costs during repairs. The table takes into account the materials, contractor designs and furniture you chose during the concept stage of the project.
      The budget table will predict risks and give a complete understanding of finances. This will help avoid situations. For example, “repairs are still in the middle, but the money has run out.”

      We will organize for you
      a meeting with an expert
      Geometrium studio
      live or online

      Expert at the meeting
      • He will tell you how we work and how we can help you.
      • Provides guidance on construction timeframes and implementation budget of your project, will tell you about the financial costs at every stage of repair
      • Will share our experience in project management and discuss key points to remember know before starting repairs
      • Will discuss further actions with you
      Depending on the complexity of the project, a meeting with the manager can connect with the expert projects, designer and completer
      Victoria Bulatnikova
      Geometrium studio expert
      Daria Prots
      Geometrium studio expert

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        Each stage has been worked out for years - we have everything strictly according to the regulations

        technical task

        You will talk in detail about your dreams, preferences, daily habits, hobbies, and how you see your interior. We aim to clarify all the characteristics of each family member, even such nuances as height, physique or whether the person is left-handed or right-handed.

        Together we will decide on the future style of your home, consider examples of interiors that are close to your spirit.

        At this stage, we will discuss the amount of equipment you plan to use. We will also prioritize your budget. For example, in a project we will give preference to expensive finishing materials or pay special attention to branded furniture.

        planning solution

        We will divide the living space into functional zones, reference the location of the walls in detail, the set and sizes of furniture, the ergonomics of all solutions, taking into account how the layout will look in volume and design.

        When developing a planning solution, we base it on the client’s individual preferences, space dimensions, BTI norms and rules.

        We will think through all life scenarios and conveniences. For example, the size of passages, the height of facilities, or how doors and drawers open.

        project concept

        We will think over the concept of the interior, based on the desires, images and sensations that evoke emotions in you for example, peace, comfort, delight, celebration, etc.

        Based on the concept, we will develop sketch options, where we will offer color and volume solutions in the interior, select furniture and materials.

        We will draw up a table of the estimated budget for implementation so that the customer can timely plan their finances.

        3D visualization of the project

        We will show you images of your space that will help you see every corner of your future home from any angle, so that you can feel and immerse yourself in its atmosphere.

        You will be able to appreciate the style and color scheme. See furniture, lighting and other decorative elements combined with each other.

        working draft

        We will develop and execute a complete design project, including an entire set of working drawings, according to which builders will implement it.

        We will provide all the developments and sections so that the builders do not have any questions at the repair stage.

        Drawings will allow you to accurately prepare work estimates for builders and provide transparency in the pricing of repair work and minimize unpredictable additional work according to the estimate.

        We will advise construction teams and help you request an estimate from them.

        designer's supervision

        Several times a month we will come to the site and check that workers and contractors strictly follow the design project and do not deviate from it. Up to delivery of the finished interior.

        If necessary, we will consult and provide explanations to all builders who work on your site. We will answer the foreman’s questions daily via chat.

        If for some objective reason it is necessary to make changes to individual drawings, we will do so. We won’t just change the project because we wanted to. For example, the previously selected porcelain tile went out of production and a different size porcelain tile was chosen instead. In this case, you need to make adjustments to the bathroom layout so that all the seams are positioned neatly.

        complete package of the object

        We are fully responsible for finding contractors or suppliers for the selected product. We organize the supply of finishing materials, furniture and plumbing to the site.

        What else is included in the package:

        • We communicate with suppliers during procurement whilst preparing and checking invoices.
        • We arrange payment for the goods.
        • We coordinate delivery times (so that the goods arrive at the site on time).
        • We control the replacement of goods if they are defective.
        • We look for alternatives in case of unexpected withdrawal of a product from production or a long wait for it to be ordered.
        comprehensive construction management

        You will not need to think about construction and spend your free time on it.

        A personal manager will monitor the implementation of the project. Organize and coordinate builders, assemblers, furniture makers and other contractors. They will send text and video reports from the facility. So, if you wish, you do not need to visit the construction site at all, but move into a ready-made home.

        Remote services for clients
        from other cities and countries
        We accompany construction - without distance restrictions
        It doesn't matter where you are in Russia, England or the UAE. We will consult and monitor the implementation of the project.


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        We create architectural
        and design projects
        all over the world

        We consider the climate, landscape, and cultural aspects of the country.
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        Tell us what kind of interior you dream about

        We will call you back, discuss your project and offer the best options for solving the problem.

        One of our personal managers will contact you

        Victoria Bulatnikova
        Customer Relations Manager

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          Answers to frequently asked questions

          How long does it take to prepare a design project?

          The deadlines depend on the area of the object. A complete design project is created within an average of 3 to 4 months. If this is a house of 500 m², then the period can be 5–7 months, since the maximum detail of the entire project will be worked out. Every little detail is thought out, all sizes, levels are taken into account, sweeps are made, etc.

          I don't understand at all what I want . How can I explain it to the designer?

          The designers of our studio ask leading questions that allow you to get a picture of your life, habits and taste preferences. Then they will suggest solutions that suit you best. At this stage, a technical specification is drawn up, which is agreed with you so that you already understand what your ideal interior could look like.

          Is it possible to design one room, for example, a kitchen or a children's room?

          We are only engaged in complex design - we create projects where each room is part of a single space.

          Do you help in coordinating the layout?

          At the design project development stage, we check any layout for all norms and regulations, and also send it to contractors for approval of redevelopment, including the BTI, management company, and fire inspectorate.

          Do I need to buy building materials, furniture, etc. myself?

          We provide clients with supplier contacts. We recommend only reliable ones, with whom we have been working with for around 10 years. Or you can choose the supplier yourself

          Do you have your own construction team?

          We recommend proven contractors with whom we have completed more than 100 projects.

          Is it possible that the price will be increased during the work process?

          A price increase is possible if changes are made to the technical specifications, which entail adjustments to the project. The price for designer services does not change during the work process.

          What if the result after repair does not coincide with what we approved in the visualization?

          Even before the start of repair work, we take into account all the possibilities that may interfere with the implementation of certain solutions. We also communicate with builders and engineers at the drawing development stage. Therefore, in our projects the result coincides with the visualization, even if the project is not implemented by us, but by your contractors.

          What if I don't like it?

          We coordinate with you every stage of our work. With this approach, the risk that the final result will not suit you tends to be zero. We ask you to carefully consider the approval of the design concept, planning solution and all subsequent documents.

          Or come visit us
          Let's introduce our team, We will advise you on all issues, We’ll pre-calculate your project and treat you to delicious coffee
          Our studio is located in the first creative
          Moscow space - ARTPLAY Design Center
          st. Nizhnyaya Syromyatnicheskaya,
          10, bldg. 8,
          fl. 2, office 302 (opposite Poliform)
          View ARTPLAY plan
          Answer a few questions and receive
          a preliminary estimate of the cost of your project
          1 / 4
          What is your object?
          What is the approximate total area of the premises?
          Which style suits you best?
          When do you plan to start renovation work?
          Valeria Litvinenko Art Director of Interior Design

          Our architects and interior designers specialize in a specific type premises. The design of your space will be created by specialists who already have many years of experience in implementing such projects.

          We design and create unique interior designs all over the world: from small cozy studios to multi-storey buildings over 600 m²

          We have already implemented more than 700 design projects in different interior styles. We will arrange the space in the style you prefer.

          We can evaluate freely whether designers, architects and other craftsmen for the time you choose and name the exact date for the start of work.

          If you need advice,

          I will contact you in a way convenient for you
          Contact me

          Thanks for answers!

          We have received your answers and have already started
          to calculate the cost of the project

          During the working day, your personal manager will call you will send you an approximate cost estimate for your project and will explain the details.

          Victoria Bulatnikova
          Customer Relations Manager

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