If you want to offer us cooperation or want to contact us on other issues, please, send us an email to this email:

Please send us suggestions that contain useful and understandable information with examples of works and prices. Don’t send us formulaic information and link on your website.

Time is the most expensive resource. That’s why, please, don’t waste it in vain and don’t call us with offers of bonuses for designers.

We recommend you to write us a personal email. It will be a good idea. Write us in your personal email about benefits of your offer for our customers.

We are interested in:

1. The name of your company.

2. Short information about your company.

3. Contacts (telephone number your boss for solve working problem).

4. Your main services.

5. Your competitive advantages.

6. Reviews and contact your customers, which can confirm your successful cooperation (at least three).

7. Mini portfolio.

8. Detailed description of your projects (exactly what you did, cost, elapsed time, difficulties theat were in process of work and their solutions).

9. Also you can send us process and photos of the projects.

Our main rules of work with suppliers and contractors:

In our business relations with suppliers and contractors we are guided by the principles of fair business which are build on the mutual respect and transparency, observance ethics and laws. So before you begin to cooperate with us, please, read our main rules of works:

1. Responsibility and rapid response

If you have a heavy workload now, please, notify us. We don’t want this to become an unpleasant surprise for us, in which result we will be disappointed in you. Have an opportunity to contact with responsible person of the project from your side in working hours is very important for us.

2. Qualified specialists

Your specialist, who is responsible for our project, must have full information about it and doesn’t delegate own responsibility to other colleagues.

3. Deadline

Meeting deadlines is the most important rules of work. Please, adhere to our arrangements and deadlines. We count on you.

4. Quality

Quality must be at the highest level. Quality assurance must be provided from your side. Please, don’t delegate it for other people: for us or for customers.

5. Be ready to fix mistakes in your work

We understand that everyone has right to make mistakes. But it isn’t an excuse. It isn’t to makes you free from responsibility. So if there are the mistakes in your work, you will need to fix it for their own expense, adhering the deadlines. We count on your rapid response.

6. Transparency

We are sure that in figures must be order. So in work with you we look forward to transparent pricing, which isn’t contain incomprehensible prices and confusion in the figures. Because we are sure an experienced specialist always knows the approximate cost of products.

7. Consultation

When you are working with our customers you must be ready to give a consultation and show them your perfect knowledge of the subject of their questions. You must know all specifications and features. If customers need an advice, you must help them make a right choice and show that you know inside out all your work.